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Merlin's Darkest Hour, part two )

Other shows I found time to watch.

Oh, Peter, Where art thou? )

Sanctuary, my dear Watson. )

 Seriously, there needs to be a mood for "Squee" 

Since there isn't, I shall give you the Squee compliments of Zachary Levi!!

ETA: And I had to laugh when I re read this post and saw how many times I used the words totally, seriously, really, and Love.

Obviously, the squee totally affects my vocabulary. Seriously.
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 School starts tomorrow! Ack!! Brandon will be a junior! Ack!! Isn't that just crazy???

He's whining about going to school tomorrow. LOL.

I'm whining about having to leave earlier since I go through three different school zones and that's even before I leave the county. Tomorrow will be the trial run to see how many I can avoid by leaving early

I'm kinda glad he's going back because I might see him more. Teenage boy plus girlfriend plus job plus car = a mom who has to schedule an appointment. I told him I feel like his landlord except I'm not getting a nice, fat rent check every month.

I still LOVE my job! The added bonus is that I feel as though I am really helping people even more so than usual because, let's face it, it sure does suck to be uninsured and I feel really bad for these people. It's practicing medicine with one hand tied behind your back.

It's strange. Kindred spirits are hard to come by in "real life". It hardly ever happens. At the moment, three of my fellow NP's are watching and loving Merlin. Go Figure?

I think it's gonna take longer to get used to how short the weekends are, now. I may whinge indefinitely.

But, hey, my exercise regimen has improved since I usually walk for 30 minutes during lunch. I walk outside and, because it's been pretty hot for quite a while, I have had people stop in the middle of a really busy street to ask me if I need a ride. Maybe they are just super nice. Maybe they think Fat girl's gonna fall out. IDK.

Today I really started looking forward to D*C and fun times with friends. Hooray!! But I am lamenting my overall lack of comfortable fannish T-shirts. I say comfortable because I'm not really a fan of the typical T-shirt that almost feels like a turtleneck and long sleeves and that I hardly ever want to wear no matter how much I am fangirling it. Still wish I had something Merlin related.......

I bought a new camera! For years, I've been considering purchasing an SLR but they are sooooo expensive. And cumbersome. And heavy. And there's the general inability to record video. Well, thanks to [ profile] archaeologist_d  ,and all her beautiful travel photos (and I'm not just talking about the wonderful boyz pics from filming), I was a total copycat and bought a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ35. It's so light!!! I suspect it weighs about half what my old Canon S3 IS weighs. And certainly less than an SLR would have. That means a lot when you are shlepping all over downtown Atlanta! I am hoping it will be the best compromise of portability and function.

I finally installed MAGIX. And that is about as far as I got. It might be as far as I ever get. The interface is very pretty. Your source material is automatically in the library and easy to find, also very pretty. Having to ask the program to scene detect (clip) and then watch it take an age to do so, not so much. Then you end up with a bazillion "takes" (clips). (Well, not a bazillion, coworker says that I am the absolute Queen of hyperbole...but 400 plus!) Maybe that is actually related to my source material and how I acquired it, as opposed to ripping the episodes from DVD myself. Which also takes an age. On second thought........
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I'm still getting used to this crazy five day work week but, so far, I am LOVING my job. Once I got past the snooze fest of paperwork and reading of orientation manuals and started seeing patients, I started having fun. I realize that it won't always be this way because the schedule will increase and also, sure as the world, something will come up and I will feel seven kinds of stupid. It WILL happen. Repeatedly. The chances are really great as the week I've started referring to as " despair and devastation week"  is looming. We'll see.

I have further evidence that my fellow NP's are kindred spirits. They think that we should be given holiday leave time the day the final Harry Potter movie premieres. LOL!

Oh my gosh! My son has a girlfriend!?! Wha?  We've already broached the "Mom prefer's abstinence...or condoms" topic. I told him he could get them for free at the health department! 

I'm supremely irritated that the weather has nixed my swimming plans two Saturdays in a row! Grrrrr. 

Oh my goodness!! As usual, I am a day late and a dollar short but I finally saw The Eagle and it was AMAZING!!!  Even though I typically don't get all fannish over movies,  I can see why people did and do! It was awesome!  (I must need more than a time-limited movie story to fall into that sort of thing. And, yeah, I was gaga over Neo and The Matrix but even though I have watched it more times than I can count, I never read fanfiction about it so there ya go. I suppose the reading of fanfiction has become my ultimate fangirl litmus test).

Speaking of being a fangirl, I'm really gonna have to wait till March 2012 for the US DVD release of Parked? Seriously!?!  Sometimes I wonder why I do not purchase a multi-region DVD player and be done with it as this whole region thing frequently annoys me.

I also went against my usual phobia of watching-a-new-show-that-might-be-quickly-cancelled and watched Falling Skies. (Because Noah Wyle is in it!!). Call me sufficiently intrigued. Wyle always manages to portray a sympathetic character and I was also rather impressed with Colin Cunningham's performance (Major Davis in the Stargate world). Plus, the long hair suits CC!

Finally, I leave you with my laugh for the week. The guy with the nearly full legbag WEARING  SHORTS had me falling out of my chair with laughter!! Of course, now I have the song stuck in my head which is rather unfortunate. Along with some shudder worthy images. Still, it did make me laugh in a horrified way.



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  •  So, yeah, I was going to go easy on the bullets but since I am going to have to adjust to a whole different amount of free time based on my new schedule, I may have to keep bullet-ting for a bit.
  • But, first things first! Congratulations to [ profile] soniag whose first novel, The Revenant came out TODAY! Unfortunately, I am still waiting on my copy to arrive (even though it was SUPPOSED to arrive today. Grrrr).
  • I had a great time this past weekend with my friend C who I met up with in Louisville, KY to attend a Christian women's conference. We used to work together before she moved "up north". I didn't matter that we hadn't seen one another in a year, we babbled on and on the entire weekend. We always had such great times working in the ER together (and have such great stories to rehash!).
  • But, I do so love it when real life and fandom collide (because it so rarely ever does). At one point, I was boasting a bit about my out of character spontaneity by going to Boston to watch a movie. Of course, this being real life, and therefore somewhat separate, I didn't go into any details and resisted the urge to wax poetic about Colin Morgan's cheekbones acting, though of course I was thinking it. Then, later, as we are comparing Netflix instant streaming habits, she asked me if I had "ever watched this show called Merlin"             
(cue hallelujah chorus)
  • Don't you just love it when that sort of thing happens!?! It gets better. It seems that she, too, is somewhat enamored of CM. But really, who can blame her? The adorableness is, quite frankly, overwhelming. See exhibit A 
  • Anyway, it was quite the fun time comparing "what to watch" notes and, now, it seems that I have a "Texting Tudors" watch with C in addition to the Farscape Friday chat that is already ongoing.
  •  If I am going to watch this much TV, I will need to learn new free time management strategies now that I am working the same schedule as the rest of the world. 
  • Speaking of work, even though I am still in paperwork mode, I am getting some good vibes thus far and think I am going to like it. I had a similar "Yay, kindred spirits!" moment when myself and two other NP's got to talking about Anne of Green Gables.
  • We'll see. For the next few weeks, I get to travel to several places and work with different preceptors as part of my orientation. It's a good thing I *finally* bought a GPS device. The only question is is why I didn't make that sort of purchase years ago. So far, I LOVE it. Of course, it hasn't yet instructed me to turn left into a lake or some similar nonsense.
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Since I am running out of bookshelf space, I decided to buy only eBooks, when available, from here on out. Of course, I HAD to make an exception for my friend [ profile] soniag 's first novel, THE REVENANT. It will be out in less than two weeks and I am so excited for her! I cannot wait to read it!!!!! Check it out!
 I received the phone call this morning that all the paperwork is in order and I am set to start my new job on 6/13. I will be glad to get started!

However,  today reminded me that I am going to miss my summer sun fun. I headed to Paris Landing and the water was PERFECT. Usually, it is almost too cold this early in the summer but these ongoing 90 plus degree temps have remedied that.

I don't care that it is already hot. It felt good! Have I mentioned that I love summer?
On that note, I know that I cannot go without my summer swim time indefinitely so I have already started pricing condos (with pool!) in the town where I will be working. It's a little premature, of course, but what the heck.

The cicadas are still driving me bonkers! To top it off, one got into my car  while I was cleaning it out the other day and I had to hear the thing in the garage for a day or so before it finally died. Even when I walk with my iPhone, I can still hear that loud, all pervasive hum behind the music.
*Beware squeamish reader* While I was walking the other day, I came across a particularly gruesome squirrel roadkill. It was a definite Eeeew moment for me. Then, I started wondering how I can manage a fairly effective amount of clinical detachment when I encounter A DOA patient who is missing the back part of his skull and has bits of brain on his clothing but then get all squicked when faced with roadkill squirrel blood and brains. Makes no sense. Maybe it has something to do with the environment of the encounter. /gruesome
Unlike those lucky folks who can listen to books or chat, I *have* to have music to work out to. So, I am always on the lookout for new tunes to get me moving. Here's my cool old, but new to me, go to workout song. 

Tonight, I am going to try Zumba for the first time! I hope I can keep up.

Good grief, my son has already managed his first speeding ticket. How long did that take? 2 weeks? Even though he is being appropriately punished (has to take care of the whole deal himself,  has to take the required class, and can only drive back and forth to work till Monday), I'm not too mad about it because he was going 40mph in a 30mph and was caught less than 20 feet from the increased speed limit sign. (Apparently, he has forgotten about our entire town being one giant speed trap). It is partially my fault as I always start speeding up or slowing down when I see a sign, not when I get to or pass the sign. I have warned him that, like my brother when he was that age, they are gonna be watching out for his car. (Yeah, such is life in a small town)
Ahhhhhh. More lovely filming photos from Raglan Castle by [ profile] archaeologist_d  Thank you so much for that much needed fix!  They are a bit spoilery, but since when has that ever stopped me? I CANNOT WAIT till series 4
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  •  Monday night was a first as a tornado took off part of my Mom's roof!! She was home and thankfully no one was hurt but she said she sure hit the deck when she realized what was happening. And more severe weather is expected tonight. It seems to happen at night more often than not. (when you can't see anything).
  • Okay, the cicadas are so loud I cannot hear myself think when I am outside. For a few days I thought that someone was doing some construction or running machinery nearby, the pervasive hum is so loud. Supposedly, this is a cyclical thing but I just don't remember it being so loud before.
  • I took a page out of [ profile] de23  and [ profile] dm_lunsford book and did something productive today by going through my closet and drawers and boxing up anything I haven't worn in the past two years. I despise clutter but it seems almost impossible to keep it from happening. But, my house is relatively clean so that is as far as I am going today. 
  • Wow, Kroger's 90 second red beans and rice package is pretty dang good. (Or it could be that I am just now eating today and am hungry) Admittedly, I don't have very refined tastes. (When I was a kid, a trip to McDonalds was a big deal so there you go.)
  • Yay for Doctor Who starting us out last week with Muse's Supermassive Black Hole  I have mixed feeling about the episode as in it didn't seem *that* interesting while I was watching but I was surprised when it was over because I had lost track of time while watching so I may have to reconsider my initial impression.
  • I have been really slacking on the regular exercise thing even though I have been doing really well with the whole diet thing. Why can I not ever get it all together  at the same time? Oh yeah, because I am a slacker.
  • There haven't been too many Merlin filming photos/new lately since they are not filming at Pierrefonds at the moment. I'm suffering from withdrawal. Thankfully, [ profile] ella_bane gave me a bit of a fix HERE.
  • Sorry for the bullet fail but I am blaming it on lj editor wonkiness.
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 Wow! Has it really been almost a month since I last posted? I suppose that my journal has been filled with enough whinging over the past few years to account for a lifetime. I just decided to cut back on it, is all.
  • So, yeah, I am still searching for a job. Unfortunately, the two informal offers I had prior to graduation sort of fell through due to circumstances unrelated to me and beyond my control. It happens. I was bummed. I'm getting over it. I just never anticipated that finding a position would be difficult, probably because finding a job as a nurse has been EASY. Employers want you. Like yesterday. But even though there is an expected shortfall of providers in primary care, it doesn't really seem to be the case here at this time. Thus, employers have the luxury of seeking experienced applicants.  Of course, another reason for the difficulty is I have to limit my search to a particular area to fulfill the terms of a scholarship.
  • But I do have an interview next week. We'll see how it goes, though I refuse to get excited again.

  • With the exception of Doctor Who, BBT, Farscape Friday, and my Merlin DVDs, I have been experiencing a prolonged bout of TV apathy. I hate it when that happens. I have yet to watch a single episode of SGU since the hiatus and now I discover my DVR default setting of only keeping 5 episodes unless you specify how many to keep saved. So, the episodes have been automatically deleting once reaching 5. Ack! I remedied that but now I wonder if some of the other shows that show 5 episodes to watch (Chuck, Fringe, and Bones) have also been deleting episodes. Oops. I'm not going to be a happy person when the TV apathy subsides and I've missed loads. I am sure I'll catch SGU again in repeats but I'm not so sure about the others.

  • Some thoughts: Doctor Who is made up of awesome. What more can I say? I cannot wait to see how it all plays out and, oh yeah, I LOVE RORY! Discussion of it has started creeping in to the Farscape Friday chat. BBT: I don't think I have ever laughed so hard as I did at Raj in the coffee shop attempting to chat up a woman after taking the medication for his social anxiety. It ranks right up there with Sheldon's drunken speech! Farscape: We are up to "Nerve" and "The Hidden Memory". (WIN!!) Scorpy!!  Crichton in leather pants has finally made an appearance. I love John and Aeryn so much my heart hurts. Even though we are almost to the end of season one, anyone wanting to join in the discussion is welcome at any time. Merlin: Help me!! I am overcome daily by the pictures coming out of filming. The boyz love and the spoilery has taken over my brain!  I was all kinds of excited to learn of this series 4 guest star.

  • My laugh to tears moment of this day was brought to me (and now to you) by the lovely [ profile] lolafeist  "honey badger don't care" I should take few lessons!

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  • Yeah, I am going to run out of bullet subject lines eventually.
  • I have been trying to steadily increase my walking speed and I am managin an average 16.40 minute mile. Granted, this is when I am on a treadmill which is probably easier than on outdoor terrain. I wonder if I will ever reach the 15 minute mile.
  • I've lost ten pounds which I hate to mention because mentioning a diet and/or weight loss becomes a death knell for continued success. And yet, still, I mention it. ;-)
  • I have microsoft Works but I have had to purchase Microsoft office to get power point. I thought Works had it but, no, they only have a viewer. It really ticks me off because they are both microsoft products. What on earth do I need with two word processing programs? All of my papers have to be submitted in Word but I can do that with Works, though I fear the formatting is wonky.
  • Die Another Day and Behind Blue Eyes were nominated in the Stargate music video awards. Strange that the award and these noms are occuring when I have no time for vidding. Naturally, it inspires me to want to make more vids. (I still wanna make that Farscape vid and now I have all the seasons!) Maybe over Christmas break. (Yeah, right. Like that's not going to be a busy time despite having a break from classes.)
  • I have a sneaking suspicion that my child is going to be way cooler than I ever was. See exhibit A:
  • He had his first dance and won a costume contest to boot!
  • I am so impatient for my new schedule to start.
  • I am onto season 4 of Alias. I am still enjoying though I didn't really see the need for yet another top secret division. As for season three, it was so obvious that Lauren being a double agent was contrived mid course. However, those circumstances have lead to some wonderful angst for Michael, though he seems to always have an expression of angst (or is it chronic constipation?..LOL).  Even this far in, I still miss Will. And where the heck is Sark? Welcome to Libertyville has been my favorite episode thus far for season 4.
  • Is it me or is Veronica Mars just not as good since she went to college?
  • Nathan Fillion on Lost tonight. Wheeeeeee. I'll have to watch the second I get home from church. But it's the Fall finale. Booooooo.

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