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I know I waited way too long to give anyone a play by play of the weekend. My excuse is Dragoncon put me behind with regard to school work and whatnot and I have only just now caught up. Let's see what I remember....

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PCD is beginning to set in. It always does just prior to leaving. This am, I attended a Stargate panel and I don't even remember who was in it...LOL. It may not have been at this particular panel but I do remember that Cliff Simon, who has recently become an American citizen, talked about how Americans should be proud of who they are. This wasn't said in any over the top patriotic or political way, rather, I think he was addressing how many of us are almost embarassed about it and that we have many reasons to be proud of our country. With the political climate, it is frequently forgotten just how often our country does step in to try and help. I can't remember much else.

I had already got his autograph but I decided to see RL one last time and get my picture taken with him. At D*C, a person needs to really make some choices about who to see and who to obtain autographs from because, if you are a multi fandom girl like myself, you could really drop vast quantities of money in the walk of fame. I even made the a concerted effort to not wander around in the walk of fame seeing who was where. No, I zeroed in on my target and did not stray off that path! This year, RL was my focus. During this encounter, I also managed a wee bit of small talk. I definitely thanked him for coming all this way, especially since RD does not have the massive fanbase at this con that some of the other shows do. His fourteen year old son had tagged along so we talked about that a bit. He said that his son had had a good time and I said that my son had wanted to come but that I feared losing him to the gamers. I really wanted to ask him to record my voicemail message as Kryten but managed to not do that. When it came time to take the pic, his son had wandered over to the Farscape folks table "because his mother is Australian". (The mention of the Farscape table around the corner almost persuaded me to head in that direction next but I remained focused and did not stray from the path so as to not unload massive amounts of cash.) Once the pic was taken, we shook hands and I headed out straightaway. It was a very pleasant encounter.

The four of us met up for lunch where we ate and then stalled for time because we didn't want to see it end. Finally, though, we had to say our goodbuys to [ profile] rosiewook and head back to Tennessee.

Here is the link to my shutterfly site. Once there, click on the Dragoncon08 album and, once the album opens, click on slideshow. I know that is more steps but photobucket hates me on livejournal. Or is it the other way around?

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