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Sam and Dean!!!!!

Later, We found Cas! (And another Dean)

Last night we came across a Samandriel. (Alfie)

But one of my favorites was today when I saw a Dean in his coach outfit from After School Special when he is posing as the gym coach. Those shorts! Unfortunately, it was too crowded to take a photo. Hopefully, I will come across her again later today

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Fight the Fairies!

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Today, I've been working on trying to organize my photos from my England trip, which isn't an easy task, anyway, but it is even worse when I used both a camera (that I had to buy because I forgot mine at home. Gah!!) and the iPhone. Weirdly, the iPhone photos seem to be uploading out of order, which could be a problem when I go to figure out what is what and what is this museum picture of anyway (I started taking pictures of the exhibit descriptions after bemoaning how I couldn't remember the date on the little ancient piggy bank I saw at The Ashmolean.

I had an AWESOME vacation and I cannot even believe how much we did on this trip!! And, as usual, when you take off for any length of time, you hit the ground running as soon as you get back. This time included a bit of jet lag.

In the coming weeks (months) I hope to report a bit on all the fun stuff I did while on "holiday."  I am still pondering the best place to upload them all to once they all make it onto my computer. Suggestions?

Anyway, Dragon*Con is just around the corner. (Hooray!) Anyone on my f-list going, aside from the people I know are going because we are traveling/rooming together?

I am excited because my friend [ profile] de23 and I are working on our Sam and Dean costumes! I have never worn a costume in all of the years I have been attending cons so it will be my first time! At some point I will be walking around wearing only one shoe. Hee!!! (And I even found the exact shoes, only the women's version, that Sam wore in Bad Day at Black Rock. Poor Sam. I did watch that one again last night and laughed just as much as I always do. I don't think that episode is ever going to not make me laugh.)

On that note,  I will leave you with two photos from my trip that are total fangirl squee and nothing else. [ profile] _leigh_leigh [ profile] de23 and her husband K, Brandon, and I had visited The London Eye. Afterwards, Leigh and I were in the gift shop. I was thirsty and I opened the drink cooler and saw this:


Hee!!!! (I am sure that the cashiers thought I was a complete lunatic snapping photos of their drink case. Crazy Ass tourists.)

Well of course, [ profile] _leigh_leigh and I would LOVE to share a diet coke with Sam and Dean! Who wouldn't?!?

So we did.



Sep. 6th, 2012 07:13 pm
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Yowza, I really hit the ground running after D*C. I'm beat!! I hope to catch up with all of you lovely friends sometime this weekend.

In the meantime, have a pic!

[ profile] scarym1, [ profile] de23, and me with John Barrowman who was, hands down, the winner for the most entertaining, funny, and thoughtful of the guest panels for the weekend. (Along with Kai Owen) He had the perfect mix. He managed the crazy, OTT fun without letting it get completely out of hand. I was impressed, to tell the truth.

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In the time it took for my blood pressure to sky rocket and for me to compose a rant, my vid uploaded.
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 School starts tomorrow! Ack!! Brandon will be a junior! Ack!! Isn't that just crazy???

He's whining about going to school tomorrow. LOL.

I'm whining about having to leave earlier since I go through three different school zones and that's even before I leave the county. Tomorrow will be the trial run to see how many I can avoid by leaving early

I'm kinda glad he's going back because I might see him more. Teenage boy plus girlfriend plus job plus car = a mom who has to schedule an appointment. I told him I feel like his landlord except I'm not getting a nice, fat rent check every month.

I still LOVE my job! The added bonus is that I feel as though I am really helping people even more so than usual because, let's face it, it sure does suck to be uninsured and I feel really bad for these people. It's practicing medicine with one hand tied behind your back.

It's strange. Kindred spirits are hard to come by in "real life". It hardly ever happens. At the moment, three of my fellow NP's are watching and loving Merlin. Go Figure?

I think it's gonna take longer to get used to how short the weekends are, now. I may whinge indefinitely.

But, hey, my exercise regimen has improved since I usually walk for 30 minutes during lunch. I walk outside and, because it's been pretty hot for quite a while, I have had people stop in the middle of a really busy street to ask me if I need a ride. Maybe they are just super nice. Maybe they think Fat girl's gonna fall out. IDK.

Today I really started looking forward to D*C and fun times with friends. Hooray!! But I am lamenting my overall lack of comfortable fannish T-shirts. I say comfortable because I'm not really a fan of the typical T-shirt that almost feels like a turtleneck and long sleeves and that I hardly ever want to wear no matter how much I am fangirling it. Still wish I had something Merlin related.......

I bought a new camera! For years, I've been considering purchasing an SLR but they are sooooo expensive. And cumbersome. And heavy. And there's the general inability to record video. Well, thanks to [ profile] archaeologist_d  ,and all her beautiful travel photos (and I'm not just talking about the wonderful boyz pics from filming), I was a total copycat and bought a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ35. It's so light!!! I suspect it weighs about half what my old Canon S3 IS weighs. And certainly less than an SLR would have. That means a lot when you are shlepping all over downtown Atlanta! I am hoping it will be the best compromise of portability and function.

I finally installed MAGIX. And that is about as far as I got. It might be as far as I ever get. The interface is very pretty. Your source material is automatically in the library and easy to find, also very pretty. Having to ask the program to scene detect (clip) and then watch it take an age to do so, not so much. Then you end up with a bazillion "takes" (clips). (Well, not a bazillion, coworker says that I am the absolute Queen of hyperbole...but 400 plus!) Maybe that is actually related to my source material and how I acquired it, as opposed to ripping the episodes from DVD myself. Which also takes an age. On second thought........
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 Well, I finally quit procrastinating and purchased my D*C membership today before the price went up again.

Any other Merlin peeps planning on attending? I really enjoyed our meetup last year (it was a highlight for me!) and [ profile] archaeologist_d totally saved the Merlin panel from those steenkin' Brit Trak folks who really should just change their track name to the "Doctor Who trak" and be done with it. Don't get me wrong. I love Doctor Who but it isn't the only Brit show I like and these staffers seem to completely shut Merlin out, judging from their website and groups and whatnot. (Even though the show has only increased in popularity.)
We'll definitely need someone to save the Merlin panel from that annoying track director who loves the sound of her own voice and who was highly critical despite knowing absolutely nothing about the show. *rolls eyes*

D*C fun.

Sep. 13th, 2010 11:13 am
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Sure, it wasn't quite the squee I had when having my photo taken in front of the real Gate but it was pretty dang fun doing this green screen photo with [ profile] scarym1  and [ profile] de23  at the Stargate multiverse track party. I wanted to be serious but I was about to start laughing and it came out more an amused smirk in the first photo.  Yep, I am highly amused to be pointing my P90 at you. (I guess it is a P90) Little did you know that I had an amusingly long moment where I had to figure out how to hold the thing. My next question, "Yeah, which end do the bullets go in, again?"  (Virtual hugs to the person who can recognize that quote!)

(Scrapbook gallery image is a bit bigger)

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I made it home from Dragon*Con about 8pm last night. I had a blast and went off the beaten track this year. For one, I completely resisted any and all  temptation to obtain guest pics or autographs! (Gasp) I also attended more fan run panels than I did guest centered ones. Plus, there was dancing! I hope to post a few photographs but there won't be many because my memory card went belly up. It was a 4GB card but it crapped out after very few photos. I never considered that possibility so I didn't bring another with me.

It was great to hang out with old friends and meet new ones (waves excitedly to Merlin peeps!) and I'd like to post a report but, alas, I have to run errands, obtain groceries, and do a bit of school shopping for Brandon because he didn't have to go to school today and once I really get into the hectic clinical/work/school schedule later this week, I won't really have another chance for a looooong while. Can you see him wearing shorts well into December? (Plus, he's blown out his flip flops. It may be time for new shoes, no?).
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Well, I have reached that overwhelming time of year again. Can I just go back to last week? It happens every semester when I get my first glimpse of that infernal calendar and then become totally distraught regarding the amount of WORK ahead of me. I need to visit with my preceptor and hammer out a schedule which shouldn't be too difficult as I will simply just need to be there whenever I am not at work. It isn't the clinical hours that really bother me, even if my schedule is horrific. No, it's the academic work that goes along with it. Actually, it's the amount of academic work in light of my horrific schedule that is the real issue.

People keep telling me, "It's the last semester" in that buck up and suck it up tone and, yes, I realize this and I should be ecstatic except that I am just too tired to get excited. Seriously, I have worked less this summer than in my entire working life (except that summer I took off after I graduated nursing school where I did not work AT ALL) and I still feel beat. Exercise gives me a couple of energetic hours or I will have an occasional day where I actually feel like the vital, functioning member of society I am supposed to be (and not just doing my usual job of faking it) but they feel few and far between.

Who knows? There are about a gazillion causes of fatigue, including my already defunct thyroid gland, and I am not going to have the time (or the money) to do an indepth exploration with my PCP. Perhaps after I crawl over the finish line at the end of this semester? Sleep is always an issue. Stupid, restless, aching legs!

Ah well, anyway. Dragon*con! I don't have time for you but that never stops me. I'll just regret you next week after it is over and I am in a panic. I'm sad that David Hewlett had to cancel, though. Still, I can't wait to get my geek on with my friends!

I am only now packing and going through that what to wear, what to wear frenzy. Comfort is an issue as you are running for miles and miles between the different hotels in the Atlanta heat but wearing comfy, slobby clothing isn't a real option until that day comes when I really just don't care anymore. Sometimes (and weirdly) I find T-shirts hot, especially when the collar comes right up to your neck. Now, how are all my fannish T-shirts made? See previous sentence.

I am excited that Merlin returns in September (with series three) except it won't be returning to a TV near me. No, I'll have to wait till sometime in 2011 unless I uncover a *cough* alternate viewing scheme. I don't want to be spoiled but I don't think I have the strength (patience) to avoid the spoilery otherwise. Actually, there are a lot of returns in September. My DVR is going to have quite the workout keeping up with everything for me. I bet I need to see whether it needs some clearing out.

Since I am currently Merlin-less (well, except for fanfiction) I have been watching Legend of the Seeker as a sort of alternate/epic show replacement. The story is engaging enough even if I don't think the acting is quite as good. The fight scenes are probably better, though. Maybe it is because there are more of them?

OK, going to get back to packing, now.
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Whelp, this is the last full week of summer for Brandon and I didn't hole up in the house completely. (Yay me!) We went to see Inception which was pretty dang good and it was off to the pool today. The water was bathwater tepid but felt good collapsing into, nonetheless, after feeling a tad  wibbly-wobbly by the end of my walk. Serves me right for being a lazo the past two weeks.

The D*C catalog came in the mail but I still haven't really begun to get excited, though I am looking forward to seeing my friends! I discussed my trip with Brandon, today, to see where he might want to stay while I am gone. He said that he just wanted to spend the weekend at home. I think he is old enough but, still, I am a wee bit leery about him being in the house by himself, overnight ,and for the whole weekend. Am I being a worry wart? I do trust him not to destroy the place while I am gone. After all, I work 12 hour shifts and he is here alone for that. Is it as big a step as I am making it out to be?

[ profile] de23 , after trying rather unsuccessfully to get into Making Money, I decided to just give it up for now and read Mort (The spreadsheet you sent me was very handy, even if I am still pretty confused.) I LOVED Mort!!  I felt these characters were pretty engaging from the very start and, I have to say, DEATH was a hoot! I found myself really empathizing with his Mid Eternity crisis, if there can be such a thing where eternity is concerned. There were plenty of LOL moments, the most recent being this bit:

In the great hall of the Unseen University, everything happened at once*

and then the post script at the bottom of the page,

*This was not precisely true. It is generally agreed by philosophers that the shortest time in which everything can happen is one thousand billion years.

Anyway, you think I could borrow a couple more from you that I can get next week or when we head to Apple Hill?

I finished Season 2 of Leverage with "The Fairy Godparents Job", "The Order 23 Job", and "The Ice Man Job" being among my favorites. "The Future Job" brought me to tears rather unexpectedly. But, why was Sophie out of it for much of it? Was she preggers or something? Anyway, I thought Jeri Ryan filled in nicely and even I was fooled during her introductory episode. Go writers! Oh, Hardison, you make me Happy! I suppose it will be awhile before season 3 is out. I don't even know what season they are on right now?

Ick, work tomorrow. What has happened my work ethic?  It used to be rather pronounced.

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 Well, while I am waiting for poll results I figured I could post a few of the pics that I have already posted to photobucket before I realized that I should have some sort of plan and asked you all to tell me what to do *grins*


Waiting in line are [profile] scarym1[personal profile] soniag , [profile] de23, and [profile] dm_lunsford. Fortunately, registration went off without a hitch and 
we didn't end up in the mysterious but horrendous Solutions line

It was a terrific surprise when [personal profile] soniagran into our friend Belib (far right) at a Firefly panel. We met her originally at Gatecon. As you can see, K (second from right) had finally arrived Friday night.

Sharing the sidewalk with folks in costume. Watching folks in costume was an ongoing pasttime. Half the time, I didn't recognize the costume! (And I call myself a geek!). I particularly enjoyed watching people in costume engaged in normal activities such as crossing the street. Posing for pics was something all the people in costume seemed to enjoy as well, even though it did make for some problems with crowd traffic flow. At one point I was all for stringing us all together since it took me several days to figure out where everything was. The Hyatt was particularly problematic and Friday night, I got lost and couldn't find my way out. After going up and down stairs and escalators, I finally asked the concierce if he could "PLEASE get me out of this hotel!!" I think I spent about 45 minutes being lost.

After the results of the poll where I ask (implore) folks to help me decide what to do with all the pics, I will post (or link) to more pics. I have some good panel shots, mainly dependent on lighting. I also have some great shots of Claudia Black 's panel (I adore her!), though I was sitting at the side. Here are a few panel previews.


And of course, what post would be complete without a complete fangirl moment. K and I decided to take our photoop together. I cannot even remember our initial greetings, though I wasn't the least bit nervous as I usually am. Perhaps I drew a blank when we were cheek to cheek and I could feel his sexy stubble. Amnesia does set in when such fannish inner squeeing occurs. However I do remember a bit of banter. The first camera shot was dark and K had blinked. I asked if they could do it again and told MS that I was doing this on purpose, of course. He laughed and they snapped the shot at that point which you can probably tell by looking at the photo. I really think I have a somewhat mischievous look about me. When it was K's turn to take the photo she insisted that we switch places ( though I can't imagine why to which MS replied )"Niiiiiice". I suppose her photo will be available if she is ever online again or she sends it to me. I have to say that this was my favorite photo of all time because it was so relaxed and informal and I didn't wait in line the greater part of a millenium. I also decided to forego autographs this trip (with the exception of a Ghost Hunters autograph (which was free) for my son who LOVES that show.)

(I actually donated blood in the Heinlein con blood drive right before this photo was taken! )

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