Oct. 15th, 2011 10:57 am
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Yes, it is Merlin Day (hip, hip, Hooray!) But I have weddings and whatnot and who knows when I will be able to watch.

But I have another reason to be excited! After searching all of my backups and computers for all the vids I have ever made, I couldn't seem to find one of my own personal favorites, and the only completely episodic vid I ever made. (Not to mention the only one I ever made with Pinnacle...as it was one of the last vids I ever found time for). It was a Daniel "Absolute Power" vid done to Limp Bizkit's Behind Blue Eyes. What made it fun was that my friend [livejournal.com profile] scarym1 and I were doing an episodic vid challenge for that episode and chose the same song without even knowing it till we were both done, though hers was The Who's version. (Great minds!) How fun was that!?!
 [livejournal.com profile] scarym1 , do you still have your? I would like to see it again!!

Anyway, [livejournal.com profile] ruralstar talking about her new site gave me an idea and I am seven kinds of stupid as I didn't realize my old site was actually still up and running. Since I wasn't paying anymore, I just assumed what I had uploaded to it was long gone. 

IT WASN"T!!!!!!!!!!!

So, now, I have a modest 10MB copy of this vid but that is way better than no copy at all!!! (Because back in the day you only had so much space...is that even the case, anymore, or has the advent of hi-def and better vid editing programs made this a non-issue?) All I know is that the Merlin episodes I acquire through alternate means are of way better quality than the Stargate episodes I once acquired through alternate means for the sake of vid making.

And the site even still has the sig [livejournal.com profile] merlindra made for me.

Ah, Memories!


Apr. 3rd, 2011 02:52 pm
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 Well, at least the weekend was spring break-like. I don't know how the week got away from me, though. I did hit the movies. Twice. Once with Brandon and his friend to see PAUL and then again yesterday with my sister and my nieces. We took them to see HOP.

And, oh my dear Bri. How funny she is.

We're watching the movie and there is this big vat of chocolate being made into chocolate bunnies.

Bri says, "Ohhhhhhh, Chocolate! My favorite color!!"  
Girls learn this sort of thing early, don't they?
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In between prolonged bouts of fanfic reading, I have been reminiscing in the form of reading old LJ posts. It is hard to believe that I have been posting since November of 2004! I'm only up to August 2006 with this review and I have already learned that many of my posts from way back when are thematically the same as they are now. I suppose that reflects the way things change but really stay the same. It also makes me think that there are some topics I just need to finally get over and just shut up about! I also discovered how much I tend to forget. There are movies that I talked about enjoying that, now, I cannot even remember seeing! I was also able to see that vidding went by the wayside when I started grad school. So that is what happened. Duh!

On July 27, 2006 I posted this "Well, I have been accepted. Oi!! Do I really want to do this???? (worried about my negligible self-discipline in relation to an online course of study)"

Wow! And here I am, about to embark upon my last semester. It seems like a verrrry long time to complete a Master's degree but I did sit out one semester and, with one exception, did not attend during the summer. I had to work full time for most of it and there was just no real way around that.

I also unwittingly predicted a few things. Surly teenager was one of them. Yep, he's arrived. It was nice to read about a sweeter, less surly Brandon. Another that made me laugh was when I posted about how I (initially) disliked Ellen Tigh and hoped she was a Cylon so they could shove her out an airlock. Hee! All the BSG fans know how that turned out. Funny how much my opinion of both Tigh's changed as the series progressed.

In light of my current Merlin obsession, this entry made me giggle

I finally managed to watch King Arthur last week. I know this movie has been out for ages and ages. What can I say? It seems that I will see movie previews that I am interested in seeing but since I don't really have the opportunity to get to the theater all that often, I actually forget what I wanted to see. So, when I saw that this was being shown on one of my free movie channels I said, "Didn't I  want to see this?" and recorded it. That was several weeks ago and it was only last week that I watched. And Gee whiz, I do believe that Clive Owen is THE most striking Arthur I have ever seen! I couldn't keep my eyes off him. Yowza!!! 

Sorry, Clive, you have been usurped by Bradley James!!!! (Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] archaeologist_d for the original, de watermarked image...which I only tweaked a bit)

Yowza, indeed!! Who could possibly resist that glorious pout?!?

 (I know I blather on and on about how wonderful Colin Morgan is but, truly,  Bradley hasn't totally escaped my notice! :D )

I wonder just how long LJ archives these posts. I also wonder how one backs them up because I would like to save them in case the archiving stops after a certain period of time.

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