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And yet, once Wednesday is complete, it will be back to hellatus again. The Horrors!!!

This hasn't been the best week for my Nielsen diary. Or maybe I don't watch as much TV as I thought I did or as it may seem to to anyone who actually reads my posts. Since last Thursday, I've only watched about 8 hrs of Television and I am sure that the Nielsen peeps do not care that 4 of those hours were spent finally watching the last few episodes of Fringe! That show has already ended for goodness sakes!

And I shift everything. EVERYTHING!! whether it be starting the latest SPN ep 15 minutes after it starts or months and months as is the case with several series hanging out on my DVR. They should really count Netflix as I spent one evening watching my latest Disc in the Gilmore Girls series.

As for Brandon's diary, he has watched no TV.

I'm really paying too much to my satellite provider, aren't I? But the DVR is totally worth it and I'm pretty addicted to the few shows I do watch.

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Apparently, if I have more than two days off I will 1) Cook more and 2) Spam my flist with the results and/or whatever else is floating around in my brain at the time.

Today, I tried the Grain free pumpkin bars and they were AWESOME and way less calorie laden than the cinnamon biscuits were. Of course, they are so good I will have to freeze individual serving sizes to keep from eating them all.

In other news, what the HECK was up with that Downton Abbey finale? Well, now I know the real deal and I don't feel quite as manipulated (in a bad way). I realize there weren't too many alternatives given the circumstances but it still played out quite sucktacularly.

It was fun watching more of season seven with [ profile] de23. Fave line from one of my favorite episodes, "Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie" (Well one of them. How can you choose when there are so many good ones?)

Dean to Sam: "Just know that 99.9% of all clowns can't hurt you."
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This weekend I did a fair amount of "unwinding" in front of the TV. Some weeks, real life is just so (hormonally driven?) unsatisfying that all I want to do is lose myself in good stories so I played a bit of TV catch-up. First of all, I cannot believe I am watching not just one, but, two NEW shows. How uncharacteristically reckless of me!

Revolution )

Supernatural )

Arrow )

Merlin )
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Okay, so I never did get around to posting the 2nd part of my thoughts about the SPN season premiere. This is likely due to me having the same amount of time in my schedule that I usually have and the fact that I am following more TV shows at one time than is usual for me.

And the fact that, usually, I tend to post the flaily reaction bits on here and reply to others' way more coherent posts. 

SPN, 801 and 802 )

Merlin, 501 and 502 )

Revolution )

Arrow )

And, in a not on TV note, I finally saw Avengers! Awesome!! Tony Stark, there is never any story that I will not love you based on your dialogue alone. Your superhero suit of awesomeness is just icing on the cake. And, I'm sorry, Thor. Sam Winchester would like his hammer back, please. No offense to the actor that plays Thor but now that I have seen Sam Winchester wield Mjolnir, I think the role should be recast with Jared Padalecki. Just sayin'

Whew, after all that I think I need to add something fun to top it off. And, whaddaya know, I first heard this song at D*C at the end of karaoke so, geek applicable.  [ profile] de23 you may remember it. I have to say that this is the most fun use of clips from funny scenes, cons,  and the gag reels that I have ever seen. Not spoilery for those of you still in the first and second seasons of SPN.  Not a fan of SPN? You may still see the comedic value of it, especially if you are the vidding sort. Should I feel shame in admitting I downloaded the song to add to my exercise tunes? Probably.

Also, I can't explain the font of weirdness so please ignore if it shows up that way to you.

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I'm patting myself on the back, here, to say that I am still managing to avoid the spoilery (for two shows, now).

Go me.

This week, I took a brief break, teevee wise, from my unending love for SPN and fulfilled a promise to my friend, [ profile] scarym1, to give White Collar a go (cause I'm just cool like that and, plus, it went Netflix streaming)

I must say that I'm enjoying it very well thus far. 

Is it very pathetic that this is pretty much the only thing new with me? How boring can one person actually be?!? Even I am pretty much over me.

Ah well, how about I share a bit of lovely and a song or two. How about that? (FYI this is an official vid...not a fanvid.) Now, I'm sure you all know why I watched this vid in the first place. I've never even heard of this band before now but I think the song is pretty cool. It certainly won't be the first time I've discovered new music because I'm a fangirl and it won't be the last.

And yet another song I am loving from the new Linkin Park "album"....

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First of all, I want to wish a fantastic birthday to [ profile] ruralstar. I hope your day has been supremely wonderful!

For the rest of the folks on my f-list, I want to wish you a Happy Easter!

I hate it when I go ages without posting because then I feel like I need to talk about everything which seems overwhelming and too much like work and who cares, right? So, I thought I'd break it down into bits.


Is going swimmingly. I love it more than I thought I would and I haven't killed anyone. (Yeah, my daily prayer for many, many years has been,  Please don't let me kill anyone. That hasn't changed and is probably responsible for my work OCD and need to triple check everything).


Is going fantastic.  I'm getting older, which means that conversations will now begin to incorporate health cares and concerns. I have been awesome about regular exercise and trying to eat healthy. I participated in a community health fair which was so much fun. After we had drawn lipid panels on scads of folks (who all hit the line really early because, you know, fasting) we were able to go to the different booths ourselves. My lipid panel was pretty great, I learned that I am not getting hard of hearing after all, and I now have positive proof that I do, indeed, have large bones. My T-score was 1.5! (Acceptable is negative 1 and above. Awesome!

Actual weight loss, however, is as difficult and slow as ever.

Brandon and the ADD experiment is underway as well. He texted me from work telling me that he could already tell a difference. We'll see. But, yowza, that stuff is expensive, even with a co-pay.

Not so good on the exasperating teenager front is Brandon having a little episode of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. (Boys are pretty much idiots). There will be consequences. However, there is good news in that I have confirmation that he tells me the truth about things. 


Whoop! 82 days till vacation and my trip to Halifax/PEI! (I can always count on [ profile] scarym1 to keep a countdown for me!)


Okay, it is easy to avoid spoilers when you happen upon a new obsession. Why did it take me so long to watch Supernatural!?! It basically has ALL, and I do mean all, of my bulletproof kinks!!  I've already begun to ponder DVD purchase. This week, I took note of some laugh out loud lines, most of which came from Castiel and his delivery of said lines:

"A cupid's gone rogue."

"I think we can rule out Moses as a suspect."

"My people skills are rusty! Pardon me, but I've spent the last year as a multi-dimensional wavelength of celestial intent."

And this one from Bobby:

"They're not like the Loch Ness monster, Dean. Dragons aren't real."
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I was going to post about how I've watched more television in the last week than I have in the last 6 months! I am almost caught up with Leverage (I still love you, Hardison!!). I literally mainlined the last 12 episodes of season two of Glee because they finally went streaming on Netflix and, for some reason, when I watch that show I can't seem to stop until I am done (and I don't even know why). I also started watching Warehouse 13, which also went streaming, and it is FANTASTIC! I love it when a pilot sucks me in.

But this post isn't about these shows, though it was going to be. No, I watched Lancelot Du Lac last night and my mind has been stuck on it ever since.

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First! Thanks to [ profile] flammablehat for my adorable Halloween Spider (((hugs you!)))

Second! Belated birthday wishes to [ profile] archaeologist_d and [ profile] mal119119. I am sorry that I suck and that these wishes are super late

Third! I am sorry that I seem to just suck in general at keeping up lately. I do tend to read what is going on with everyone but, sadly, time gets away from me and the replies don't often make it from my head to the screen. If I could send telepathic good wishes, I would!

It has been a hugely stressful, craptastic week for me, probably amplified by estrogen and progesterone duking it out for supremacy.

Me whining about boring stuff )
On to the entertainment talk which is way more fun.

Some brief Merlin thoughts...not today's (Yet!!) )
Other shows I have watched

Walking Dead, Chuck, and Sanctuary )
Now off to watch "His Father's Son".  Is it just me or does anyone else feel a bit of anxiety and apprehension going in to these series 4 eps? I go in afraid of what is going to happen next!
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Merlin's Darkest Hour, part two )

Other shows I found time to watch.

Oh, Peter, Where art thou? )

Sanctuary, my dear Watson. )

 Seriously, there needs to be a mood for "Squee" 

Since there isn't, I shall give you the Squee compliments of Zachary Levi!!

ETA: And I had to laugh when I re read this post and saw how many times I used the words totally, seriously, really, and Love.

Obviously, the squee totally affects my vocabulary. Seriously.
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I can't believe it has been that long since I updated this thing.

But, who the heck cares anyway, right?

Lots going on on the work front. A position came open in the county where I live and after much fretting and angsting, I took it. I loved where I was, knew that in my county they  were losing the doctor who I really liked and had been there several years, would have to hire a new one, which could take months, and did I mention that I loved where I was? Even though my new office is less than 3 miles from my house, it took probable loan forgiveness (as opposed to possible, but improbable) for me to transfer. I started there last week and so far, so good, though I do miss my co-workers. Waaaaaaa!

Lots of cool Teevee that I would love to discuss on here. Fringe, though I haven't watched this week, and the finale of Doctor Who. I don't have much time and all avid, but time constrained, discussion has been centered on Merlin, which also premiered *cough* somewhere else *cough* last Saturday.  (And we're still talking about it!) It was AWESOME!! I can't even begin to convey how excited I am about this series!!!

And, has Merlin, series three, actually been released on DVD over here? (Could I have possibly missed it?) The reason I ask is because I'm paying Netflix every month to watch basically nothing (I actually have two mailed DVD's here at the house that I have had and not watched since May) so I decided to check out my Netflix Streaming queue which I do tend to utilize more, even if it had been awhile since I watched anything on it. To my surprise, I found that Series three had been added to the Merlin Episodes list. Sure, there are none of the special features and commentaries which are my whole reason for buying on DVD these days (what with instant streaming and all) but I thought it was interesting to find things in the queue that had not yet been released to DVD. I also saw some new That Mitchell and Webb Look, which I did end up watching therefore justifying the monthly fee to myself once again. Well, Brandon uses it  quite a bit to watch The Office and whatnot so it is being used. It's funny how I will watch two 30 minute shows like TMAWL and BBT believing them to be less time consuming than an hour long program. (Duh!) Maybe it's not actually time but  the emotional investment of a dramatic show that makes it seem more time consuming.

There were several new show possibilities I would have liked to check out but I never got around to setting the DVR. It doesn't help that my pile of things to watch closely resembles my pile of things to read.
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I'm still getting used to this crazy five day work week but, so far, I am LOVING my job. Once I got past the snooze fest of paperwork and reading of orientation manuals and started seeing patients, I started having fun. I realize that it won't always be this way because the schedule will increase and also, sure as the world, something will come up and I will feel seven kinds of stupid. It WILL happen. Repeatedly. The chances are really great as the week I've started referring to as " despair and devastation week"  is looming. We'll see.

I have further evidence that my fellow NP's are kindred spirits. They think that we should be given holiday leave time the day the final Harry Potter movie premieres. LOL!

Oh my gosh! My son has a girlfriend!?! Wha?  We've already broached the "Mom prefer's abstinence...or condoms" topic. I told him he could get them for free at the health department! 

I'm supremely irritated that the weather has nixed my swimming plans two Saturdays in a row! Grrrrr. 

Oh my goodness!! As usual, I am a day late and a dollar short but I finally saw The Eagle and it was AMAZING!!!  Even though I typically don't get all fannish over movies,  I can see why people did and do! It was awesome!  (I must need more than a time-limited movie story to fall into that sort of thing. And, yeah, I was gaga over Neo and The Matrix but even though I have watched it more times than I can count, I never read fanfiction about it so there ya go. I suppose the reading of fanfiction has become my ultimate fangirl litmus test).

Speaking of being a fangirl, I'm really gonna have to wait till March 2012 for the US DVD release of Parked? Seriously!?!  Sometimes I wonder why I do not purchase a multi-region DVD player and be done with it as this whole region thing frequently annoys me.

I also went against my usual phobia of watching-a-new-show-that-might-be-quickly-cancelled and watched Falling Skies. (Because Noah Wyle is in it!!). Call me sufficiently intrigued. Wyle always manages to portray a sympathetic character and I was also rather impressed with Colin Cunningham's performance (Major Davis in the Stargate world). Plus, the long hair suits CC!

Finally, I leave you with my laugh for the week. The guy with the nearly full legbag WEARING  SHORTS had me falling out of my chair with laughter!! Of course, now I have the song stuck in my head which is rather unfortunate. Along with some shudder worthy images. Still, it did make me laugh in a horrified way.



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 Wow! Has it really been almost a month since I last posted? I suppose that my journal has been filled with enough whinging over the past few years to account for a lifetime. I just decided to cut back on it, is all.
  • So, yeah, I am still searching for a job. Unfortunately, the two informal offers I had prior to graduation sort of fell through due to circumstances unrelated to me and beyond my control. It happens. I was bummed. I'm getting over it. I just never anticipated that finding a position would be difficult, probably because finding a job as a nurse has been EASY. Employers want you. Like yesterday. But even though there is an expected shortfall of providers in primary care, it doesn't really seem to be the case here at this time. Thus, employers have the luxury of seeking experienced applicants.  Of course, another reason for the difficulty is I have to limit my search to a particular area to fulfill the terms of a scholarship.
  • But I do have an interview next week. We'll see how it goes, though I refuse to get excited again.

  • With the exception of Doctor Who, BBT, Farscape Friday, and my Merlin DVDs, I have been experiencing a prolonged bout of TV apathy. I hate it when that happens. I have yet to watch a single episode of SGU since the hiatus and now I discover my DVR default setting of only keeping 5 episodes unless you specify how many to keep saved. So, the episodes have been automatically deleting once reaching 5. Ack! I remedied that but now I wonder if some of the other shows that show 5 episodes to watch (Chuck, Fringe, and Bones) have also been deleting episodes. Oops. I'm not going to be a happy person when the TV apathy subsides and I've missed loads. I am sure I'll catch SGU again in repeats but I'm not so sure about the others.

  • Some thoughts: Doctor Who is made up of awesome. What more can I say? I cannot wait to see how it all plays out and, oh yeah, I LOVE RORY! Discussion of it has started creeping in to the Farscape Friday chat. BBT: I don't think I have ever laughed so hard as I did at Raj in the coffee shop attempting to chat up a woman after taking the medication for his social anxiety. It ranks right up there with Sheldon's drunken speech! Farscape: We are up to "Nerve" and "The Hidden Memory". (WIN!!) Scorpy!!  Crichton in leather pants has finally made an appearance. I love John and Aeryn so much my heart hurts. Even though we are almost to the end of season one, anyone wanting to join in the discussion is welcome at any time. Merlin: Help me!! I am overcome daily by the pictures coming out of filming. The boyz love and the spoilery has taken over my brain!  I was all kinds of excited to learn of this series 4 guest star.

  • My laugh to tears moment of this day was brought to me (and now to you) by the lovely [ profile] lolafeist  "honey badger don't care" I should take few lessons!

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Snow! Again!?! I think we have met our quota. This whole snowy winter thing is getting a bit ridiculous, even if I am glad that I didn't have to drive to work in it this time. Last Friday was a wee bit treacherous. Heck, my road to work is treacherous on a good day.

So, yeah, I should be studying but I know I am going to be a bit of a slacker until I am actually able to schedule the exam. (I need deadlines, I suppose) All of the necessary paperwork is in but I haven't heard anything as of yet. My plan for this week was to get out of the house and away from fanfic distractions but I'm feeling rather snowed in today and have no desire to even leave the house.

Have I mentioned that I hate winter? The desire to move is always strong this time of year.

So, Fringe and Chuck are back and I finished season two of The Mentalist in my effort to finally get caught up with that show. However, in case you haven't noticed, I haven't been feeling particularly chatty of late. I have nothing of interest to say. (Assuming I ever did).

I blame it on winter inertia

(Which makes me think of the Massive Attack song, Inertia Creeps, even though 'Inertia' in that song has no bearing on how I used the word and listening to it makes me think it could inspire some mind blowing fanfic. Writers?)

And thanks to [ profile] de23  for this bit of fandom fun: Ultimate Fandom Tournament  Choosing was rather fun even if those going head to head didn't always make sense. And it reminded me that I will always vote for John Crichton. ALWAYS!! (Do I envision a Farscape rewatch in my immediate future!?!)

And, of course, I am rewatching Merlin as it is being aired on SyFy. I hope those who weren't obsessed enough to find alternate viewing methods are tuning in as well.....
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 Happy Belated Holidays!!

I haven't posted in a bit and I am not sure why, other than the business that came with graduation and the holiday. I never even got my tree put up this year and only really felt the Christmas spirit on Christmas day! I have also picked up some extra days at work since school is out and I could always use the money, especially considering the huge amount I am going to be out over the next couple of months.

Graduation went well and I am so relieved to have that bit over with, even though there is still much to do. I haven't submitted my application for certification because APSU apparently has a wonderfully long Christmas break that is unheard of in other working sectors. It must be a school thing. Anyway, they notified me at 5pm last Wednesday that my sealed transcripts were ready and that I could pick them up the next day. Naturally, I had to work the next day and the 12 hour shift meant that, nope, I wouldn't be picking them up. Of course, Friday was the 24th and after e-mailing them of my intention to pick them up today, I learned that they won't be back till after January 2nd. Such is the complication of a December graduation. And since I have a review course in Memphis Jan 3-5, Jan 6th will be the first day I can pick them up.

What does this mean? It means that I won't be submitting my application till sometime after January 6th and I have no idea how long it takes for them to assign me a test date/testing center and it could be mid February or later before I can even test! I hadn't planned on worrying about job searching until after I pass the test (Please, oh please!) but I have had three different potentially interested parties/job offers which makes me a little more anxious about delays and whatnot. I don't want to lose out as two of these potential, possible soon to be job offers are two places I would like to work. On the positive side, it gives me more time to study, which I need to do as I haven't cracked open a book since graduation.

Add that anxiousness to the apprehensiveness I feel about  my upcoming "role change" anyway and it makes for a fair amount of stress. I like being an "expert" and dread the awkwardness and uncertainty that comes with being the "novice" again.


Ah well. I don't often meme but I rather liked this one that I nicked from [ profile] archaeologist_d . It was a fun distraction.

Fannish year, 2010 meme )

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