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Oh my gosh, this has me literally peeing in my pants, laughing!!!!

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I have literally cleaned ALL MORNING just so I wouldn't feel guilty reading and goofing off for the rest of the day.

I'm crazy, like, whoa!!

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So, sure, I'm a Samgirl by the narrowest of narrow margins and I adore bromo THE BEST. But, I didn't get my nickname for no reason and I really like Cas a whole bunch, too.

And, let's face it. Misha is pretty wicked funny. I'd follow him on twitter if I was even on twitter.

See, there's, seemingly, an online poll or two a day that involves voting and SPN in some way. And SPN often wins because this show inspires some pretty crazy devotion (and there is good reason for that, IMHO, but I'm crazy devoted, soooo...........)

The latest contest has been this Alpha Male Madness Tournament and the two finalists are Misha and Jensen Ackles, who usually wins these things (I was going to say "comes out on top" but, well, this is fandom and all so I thought better of it)

Here is Misha's response. Gunter glieben glauchen globen. Alright, I've got something to say.

My LMAO moment of the day right there!
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It feels like it has been forever since I posted and I wonder why I don't do drive by updates. Maybe because my "head posts" aren't always in sync with my access. There's no service in the building I work in and, even if I am not in the building, I live in an area of that stupid E (i.e., no 3 or 4G.) That cuts out any lunchtime musings, should they occur.

So, here's a few things I am happy about, which is saying A LOT since I am a decidedly unhappy, unmotivated person in the Winter even when the sun decides to make an appearance.

(In no particular order)

SEASON 9!!!!!!!!!!! 'nuff said

It's Wednesday. On Wednesday, I am more optimistic and all aflutter with anticipation of a new episode. It's pathetic (but fun) so who cares.

Long Weekend!!!!!!

Chatting with [ profile] dombedeand [ profile] _leigh_leigh while watching Swan Song was great fun yesterday. Having iMessage tied to my iPad makes it even better!

Ditto on [ profile] de23 being able to come over last Saturday so she could watch some season seven. It's always more fun viewing with someone else.

[ profile] de23 the roasted Okra was FANTASTIC. However, I improvised and did not use the cumin. I didn't have any, of course, but I don't think I would have liked that flavor on okra, anyway.

I am getting pretty awesome with the weighted hula hoop. I am the only one, aside from the instructor, who can actually keep it going. Have I mentioned that I Have never been able to do this? You really work up a sweat, too.

The Winchesters DO look quite fetching on the 50 inch widescreen. At some point, I will provide pictorial evidence of this so that you all may also drool.

My supervisor registered me for a required online CEU course. She was feeling bad that she kept harassing me to get it done while not giving me time on the schedule to do it. Hello, it's a 4-5 hr course. I can't exactly do it between patients and I work over enough as it is. So, she finally set aside some time and then saved me even more time by completing my registration. The password she chose for me? Dean1*. Hahahahahaha. I don't even know if it was amusing happenstance or intentional because she doesn't watch the show (not to be confused with my supervising physician who is also a recent convert, I am probably the most supervised person in my office.)

I should feel really guilty about this next happy thing which I can't tell you because it is really spoilery for some upcoming season 8 stuff. I try not to expand the spoilery stuff when I happen across it but you all know I am WEAK and my weakness only increases as a season progresses.

I should be ashamed to admit that the shmoopy ending of last weeks Downton Abbey gave me the warm fuzzies, proving yet again that I can be pretty easy to manipulate sometimes. Whatever. I am choosing to see it as hope that I will never become a completely jaded, cynical viewer/reader of stories. Those folks are miserable, man! They're never satisfied.

Whoever posted that link to the never before seen SG-1 bloopers, you gave me more nostalgic warm fuzzies!!!Awwwww. [ profile] dragonfly_sg1 was that you? If so, can you humor my total laziness and post a link or embed in the comments. Finding the youtube embed code on my iPad is historically problematic.

What is making you happy today?
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Ya'll ready for this?

It's official. I am finally ready to admit that Supernatural has beat out Stargate for my favorite show of all time. Sure, I've fallen in love with shows since Gate ended but I was never really able to say that about any other show, including Merlin. Part of it is all the positive, first-time fangirl memories I have with Stargate. I didn't want any show to usurp that. Part of it is Stargate remains the most fun I have had playing in fandom. Ever. I had more time to be more involved than I do now.

But, I gotta admit that SPN is not only a great show to watch, (and watch and watch and watch) it also has me thinking about it quite a great amount of time when I'm not watching. I wanna read reviews and long-involved meta posts and look at picspam and talk about it with anyone else who is also watching.

I changed my LJ header!
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Courtesy of [ profile] wanderhomeagain

I have been about to fall out laughing all week over this one. Gosh, I recognize soooo many things I say.

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So, this is a bit of a ridiculous request for advice but, to you amazing, strong willed and strong minded peeps out there, how can I keep myself spoiler free short of taking a long hiatus from the Internet. Sure, I don't have nearly the time I would like to play on here but I do come online and read........ stuff. You all know that I am notoriously weak when it comes to spoilers for a show I am obsessed with, even when I know that spoilers always affect my enjoyment of a show.

Is there a 12 step program for this? Someone I can call when sorely tempted to partake?

Cause I really, really wanna go into Merlin S5 spoiler free, which is pretty easy when there's no news. Now so much when folks start talking about seeing filming and whatnot.

(I am almost ashamed at the total absurdity of this post. Almost.)

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