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If this vid doesn't make you smile there's clearly something wrong with you. Thanks [ profile] dragonfly_sg1 for the heads up!

Adorkable guys FTW!!!!

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Today, I've been working on trying to organize my photos from my England trip, which isn't an easy task, anyway, but it is even worse when I used both a camera (that I had to buy because I forgot mine at home. Gah!!) and the iPhone. Weirdly, the iPhone photos seem to be uploading out of order, which could be a problem when I go to figure out what is what and what is this museum picture of anyway (I started taking pictures of the exhibit descriptions after bemoaning how I couldn't remember the date on the little ancient piggy bank I saw at The Ashmolean.

I had an AWESOME vacation and I cannot even believe how much we did on this trip!! And, as usual, when you take off for any length of time, you hit the ground running as soon as you get back. This time included a bit of jet lag.

In the coming weeks (months) I hope to report a bit on all the fun stuff I did while on "holiday."  I am still pondering the best place to upload them all to once they all make it onto my computer. Suggestions?

Anyway, Dragon*Con is just around the corner. (Hooray!) Anyone on my f-list going, aside from the people I know are going because we are traveling/rooming together?

I am excited because my friend [ profile] de23 and I are working on our Sam and Dean costumes! I have never worn a costume in all of the years I have been attending cons so it will be my first time! At some point I will be walking around wearing only one shoe. Hee!!! (And I even found the exact shoes, only the women's version, that Sam wore in Bad Day at Black Rock. Poor Sam. I did watch that one again last night and laughed just as much as I always do. I don't think that episode is ever going to not make me laugh.)

On that note,  I will leave you with two photos from my trip that are total fangirl squee and nothing else. [ profile] _leigh_leigh [ profile] de23 and her husband K, Brandon, and I had visited The London Eye. Afterwards, Leigh and I were in the gift shop. I was thirsty and I opened the drink cooler and saw this:


Hee!!!! (I am sure that the cashiers thought I was a complete lunatic snapping photos of their drink case. Crazy Ass tourists.)

Well of course, [ profile] _leigh_leigh and I would LOVE to share a diet coke with Sam and Dean! Who wouldn't?!?

So we did.

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It feels like it has been forever since I posted and I wonder why I don't do drive by updates. Maybe because my "head posts" aren't always in sync with my access. There's no service in the building I work in and, even if I am not in the building, I live in an area of that stupid E (i.e., no 3 or 4G.) That cuts out any lunchtime musings, should they occur.

So, here's a few things I am happy about, which is saying A LOT since I am a decidedly unhappy, unmotivated person in the Winter even when the sun decides to make an appearance.

(In no particular order)

SEASON 9!!!!!!!!!!! 'nuff said

It's Wednesday. On Wednesday, I am more optimistic and all aflutter with anticipation of a new episode. It's pathetic (but fun) so who cares.

Long Weekend!!!!!!

Chatting with [ profile] dombedeand [ profile] _leigh_leigh while watching Swan Song was great fun yesterday. Having iMessage tied to my iPad makes it even better!

Ditto on [ profile] de23 being able to come over last Saturday so she could watch some season seven. It's always more fun viewing with someone else.

[ profile] de23 the roasted Okra was FANTASTIC. However, I improvised and did not use the cumin. I didn't have any, of course, but I don't think I would have liked that flavor on okra, anyway.

I am getting pretty awesome with the weighted hula hoop. I am the only one, aside from the instructor, who can actually keep it going. Have I mentioned that I Have never been able to do this? You really work up a sweat, too.

The Winchesters DO look quite fetching on the 50 inch widescreen. At some point, I will provide pictorial evidence of this so that you all may also drool.

My supervisor registered me for a required online CEU course. She was feeling bad that she kept harassing me to get it done while not giving me time on the schedule to do it. Hello, it's a 4-5 hr course. I can't exactly do it between patients and I work over enough as it is. So, she finally set aside some time and then saved me even more time by completing my registration. The password she chose for me? Dean1*. Hahahahahaha. I don't even know if it was amusing happenstance or intentional because she doesn't watch the show (not to be confused with my supervising physician who is also a recent convert, I am probably the most supervised person in my office.)

I should feel really guilty about this next happy thing which I can't tell you because it is really spoilery for some upcoming season 8 stuff. I try not to expand the spoilery stuff when I happen across it but you all know I am WEAK and my weakness only increases as a season progresses.

I should be ashamed to admit that the shmoopy ending of last weeks Downton Abbey gave me the warm fuzzies, proving yet again that I can be pretty easy to manipulate sometimes. Whatever. I am choosing to see it as hope that I will never become a completely jaded, cynical viewer/reader of stories. Those folks are miserable, man! They're never satisfied.

Whoever posted that link to the never before seen SG-1 bloopers, you gave me more nostalgic warm fuzzies!!!Awwwww. [ profile] dragonfly_sg1 was that you? If so, can you humor my total laziness and post a link or embed in the comments. Finding the youtube embed code on my iPad is historically problematic.

What is making you happy today?
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You guys have to check out my new shiny banner courtesy of [ profile] chaand her awesome fangirl Christmas spirit!!!

Yes, I retired The Stargate/Farscape mish mash for my new SPN shiny.

It's so lovely. *pets them*

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Okay, Supernatural is making me feel ALL the feelings and I'm late on my Big Fat Geek TV post of the week(s). (Mainly because I'm behind on The Shows as work has been totally kicking my butt)

But, I'm not behind on SPN, that's for sure! And when I'm not working and whatnot, I'm thinking about Sam and Dean. (IKR?!?)

Of course, when I'm feeling all the feelings, I sometimes get the urge to surf fanvids. (Since I'm not making them myself, anymore) It's full on angst, people! Gosh, I love it. 

And I happened upon this AMAZING vid to this amazing song! It's spoilery for season 1-4 (so, [ profile] de23, I'd avoid if I were you. But you can listen cause it's a really great song..LOL. I'm tagging all my vid posts, though. If you have already begun to ponder Sam and Dean while you are doing laundry or driving, I suspect you'll be trolling for fanvids before you know it. [ profile] dombede I don't know where you are  in the watch but I don't think you'd be much interested in fangirly angst, anyway)

And if you pretty much know you are never going to watch this show (which I think is just plain crazycakes of you, but, whatever ;) or if you don't care about being spoiled, play it for the great song! I'm sure it is cross fandom applicable.

Running up that hill. )

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This weekend I did a fair amount of "unwinding" in front of the TV. Some weeks, real life is just so (hormonally driven?) unsatisfying that all I want to do is lose myself in good stories so I played a bit of TV catch-up. First of all, I cannot believe I am watching not just one, but, two NEW shows. How uncharacteristically reckless of me!

Revolution )

Supernatural )

Arrow )

Merlin )
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I'm patting myself on the back, here, to say that I am still managing to avoid the spoilery (for two shows, now).

Go me.

This week, I took a brief break, teevee wise, from my unending love for SPN and fulfilled a promise to my friend, [ profile] scarym1, to give White Collar a go (cause I'm just cool like that and, plus, it went Netflix streaming)

I must say that I'm enjoying it very well thus far. 

Is it very pathetic that this is pretty much the only thing new with me? How boring can one person actually be?!? Even I am pretty much over me.

Ah well, how about I share a bit of lovely and a song or two. How about that? (FYI this is an official vid...not a fanvid.) Now, I'm sure you all know why I watched this vid in the first place. I've never even heard of this band before now but I think the song is pretty cool. It certainly won't be the first time I've discovered new music because I'm a fangirl and it won't be the last.

And yet another song I am loving from the new Linkin Park "album"....

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It has been so busy around here these past few weeks that I feel the need to hole up in the house today, even if the sun and water does beckon.

But, there's laundry. And dishes. And plans for a busy day tomorrow.

Vacation time is nearly upon me and I'm getting that unsettled feeling that I am, somehow, unprepared. It is true where next weekend's trip to Santa Claus, IN and Holiday World is concerned because I haven't even booked a hotel room and I am still uncertain as to how many of Brandon's friends will be going. But I have booked everything except the car park for my upcoming trip to Halifax/PEI


But, instead of doing that, I am all about my TV boyfriends, reading such things as I Hate You Jared Padalecki, which is HYSTERICAL (and potentially of interest to my married friends who also have TV boyfriends on the side). Apparently, Jared Padalecki  thought it was pretty funny, too.

I also watched Michael Shanks (one of my old TV boyfriends) new show, Saving Hope. And, because I am a total lazo, I'm going to snatch my reply to [ profile] dm_lunsford's post about said show.

Saving Hope )

So, what to do. More Laundry? Book stuff? Or ogle TV boyfriends some more? 

Ogling it is!

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