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I just had to share a few vids that I happened upon yesterday during my great Saturday goof off. I saw quite a few fantastic vids but I am sharing these because of the amazing creativity.

The first is a multifandom vid and I did have to LOL at the number of my own favorites encompassed within. I'm such a genre girl.

I'm sharing these next two because they are just awesome. Check them out, even if you don't watch SPN. If you are a vidder or have any interest in fanvids whatsoever, you will recognize the incredible work that went into these. The idea is to show how the show demonstrates different movie types/genres and the vidders do a fantastic job here. The creation of the movie poster graphics alone is incredible!

Supernatural: At the Movies

Supernatural: At the Movies, the Sequel.

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 I haven't had much of an opportunity to marshal my thoughts regarding some of the shows I've watched this/last week, much less compose a thinky post but, man, SGU  has been breaking my heart for the past two weeks. Tears have been shed!

Needless to say, I am becoming more and more impressed with this show. 
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 I don't know why I am so beat today as work wasn't particularly horrific yesterday, even if I was in the ED. It was actually a pretty decent day , i.e. not a complete train wreck. I did have words with a lab tech who I haven't worked with very much before. He comes back to draw labs on a patient and tells me that I am supposed to put all ER labs in as "stat". Now I don't usually do this because, one, not all ER visits are emergencies and not all labs needing to be drawn are stat. Two,  putting labs in as stat causes each lab test to be printed individually as it is completed and then, once all labs are done, another,  final copy is printed. This, of course, wastes a great amount of paper which I don't like. (I'm a bit tree hugger like that) and the docs often sign off on preliminary copies instead of the final copies and that is all sorts of hassle, too.

So, I tell lab dude that I didn't put it in as stat because it didn't need to be done stat. He tells me that it doesn't matter; that it is our "policy".

And I'm thinking, "Since when?" as I have worked at this place for 12 years and this is news to me. He then proceeds to threaten to write me up. *rolls eyes*

How perfectly ridiculous.   I tell him to go right ahead and that my name is Glenda, spelled G-L-E-N-D-A, and to make sure he gets that bit right.

(Yes, Brandon does get his sarcasm from me)

What is interesting is that I didn't even become particularly angry during all of this, even though there were multiple witnesses to this little exhange. And that is what makes the whole encounter really  strange because, as someone who has always become embarrassed by public arguments or confrontations, I usually have the tendency to back down unless I become angry. I suppose I have to thank nursing for my becoming less of a pushover, yes?

Otherwise, I am pleased with myself because I am a wee bit ahead of the game with regard to assignments. (I hope I am able to continue this trend)

Because of this, I don't feel guilty about talking about The Shows. It has been the week of premieres for a few of my favorite shows and though I haven't managed to watch all of them (sorry Bones), I have been able to watch a few. I don't have time for another stream of consciousness bullet point post but I did want to post a few thoughts. I will also have to be lazy and cheat by copying and pasting parts of other LJ replies. Sorry.

Chuck Me! )

OMG, Fringe )

Goblin's Gold )
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Well, I have reached that overwhelming time of year again. Can I just go back to last week? It happens every semester when I get my first glimpse of that infernal calendar and then become totally distraught regarding the amount of WORK ahead of me. I need to visit with my preceptor and hammer out a schedule which shouldn't be too difficult as I will simply just need to be there whenever I am not at work. It isn't the clinical hours that really bother me, even if my schedule is horrific. No, it's the academic work that goes along with it. Actually, it's the amount of academic work in light of my horrific schedule that is the real issue.

People keep telling me, "It's the last semester" in that buck up and suck it up tone and, yes, I realize this and I should be ecstatic except that I am just too tired to get excited. Seriously, I have worked less this summer than in my entire working life (except that summer I took off after I graduated nursing school where I did not work AT ALL) and I still feel beat. Exercise gives me a couple of energetic hours or I will have an occasional day where I actually feel like the vital, functioning member of society I am supposed to be (and not just doing my usual job of faking it) but they feel few and far between.

Who knows? There are about a gazillion causes of fatigue, including my already defunct thyroid gland, and I am not going to have the time (or the money) to do an indepth exploration with my PCP. Perhaps after I crawl over the finish line at the end of this semester? Sleep is always an issue. Stupid, restless, aching legs!

Ah well, anyway. Dragon*con! I don't have time for you but that never stops me. I'll just regret you next week after it is over and I am in a panic. I'm sad that David Hewlett had to cancel, though. Still, I can't wait to get my geek on with my friends!

I am only now packing and going through that what to wear, what to wear frenzy. Comfort is an issue as you are running for miles and miles between the different hotels in the Atlanta heat but wearing comfy, slobby clothing isn't a real option until that day comes when I really just don't care anymore. Sometimes (and weirdly) I find T-shirts hot, especially when the collar comes right up to your neck. Now, how are all my fannish T-shirts made? See previous sentence.

I am excited that Merlin returns in September (with series three) except it won't be returning to a TV near me. No, I'll have to wait till sometime in 2011 unless I uncover a *cough* alternate viewing scheme. I don't want to be spoiled but I don't think I have the strength (patience) to avoid the spoilery otherwise. Actually, there are a lot of returns in September. My DVR is going to have quite the workout keeping up with everything for me. I bet I need to see whether it needs some clearing out.

Since I am currently Merlin-less (well, except for fanfiction) I have been watching Legend of the Seeker as a sort of alternate/epic show replacement. The story is engaging enough even if I don't think the acting is quite as good. The fight scenes are probably better, though. Maybe it is because there are more of them?

OK, going to get back to packing, now.

Doctor Who

Aug. 21st, 2010 10:58 pm
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Thanks to [ profile] de23 , I was finally able to catch up with the Doctor and I have to say that I really enjoyed the second part of the series even more than the first.  Of course, since I have watched the load of them over the past two days, I'm afraid I can't be more in depth than:

"Oh, I like Rory!"

"Sob! Poor Rory"

"Yay, Rory!"

"Oh no! Not Rory, too" and finally

"Aww, Rory. I <3 you!!"

spoilery bits? Surely, I am the last to have seen it.... )
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Whelp, this is the last full week of summer for Brandon and I didn't hole up in the house completely. (Yay me!) We went to see Inception which was pretty dang good and it was off to the pool today. The water was bathwater tepid but felt good collapsing into, nonetheless, after feeling a tad  wibbly-wobbly by the end of my walk. Serves me right for being a lazo the past two weeks.

The D*C catalog came in the mail but I still haven't really begun to get excited, though I am looking forward to seeing my friends! I discussed my trip with Brandon, today, to see where he might want to stay while I am gone. He said that he just wanted to spend the weekend at home. I think he is old enough but, still, I am a wee bit leery about him being in the house by himself, overnight ,and for the whole weekend. Am I being a worry wart? I do trust him not to destroy the place while I am gone. After all, I work 12 hour shifts and he is here alone for that. Is it as big a step as I am making it out to be?

[ profile] de23 , after trying rather unsuccessfully to get into Making Money, I decided to just give it up for now and read Mort (The spreadsheet you sent me was very handy, even if I am still pretty confused.) I LOVED Mort!!  I felt these characters were pretty engaging from the very start and, I have to say, DEATH was a hoot! I found myself really empathizing with his Mid Eternity crisis, if there can be such a thing where eternity is concerned. There were plenty of LOL moments, the most recent being this bit:

In the great hall of the Unseen University, everything happened at once*

and then the post script at the bottom of the page,

*This was not precisely true. It is generally agreed by philosophers that the shortest time in which everything can happen is one thousand billion years.

Anyway, you think I could borrow a couple more from you that I can get next week or when we head to Apple Hill?

I finished Season 2 of Leverage with "The Fairy Godparents Job", "The Order 23 Job", and "The Ice Man Job" being among my favorites. "The Future Job" brought me to tears rather unexpectedly. But, why was Sophie out of it for much of it? Was she preggers or something? Anyway, I thought Jeri Ryan filled in nicely and even I was fooled during her introductory episode. Go writers! Oh, Hardison, you make me Happy! I suppose it will be awhile before season 3 is out. I don't even know what season they are on right now?

Ick, work tomorrow. What has happened my work ethic?  It used to be rather pronounced.

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Three post in as many days. What is up with that? It's likely more of a side effect of sitting the summer out to save money. However, that means that what I have to say can't be too terribly interesting. Usually, that is enough to stop me from posting. Not this summer, it seems.

Brandon is off to church camp. I might have gone with except that I work tomorrow. That's the way it usually works out. How is it that I can work every other Saturday and somehow manage to hit the fun times? But, I probably could use a break from him since I frequently want to smack him upside the head. Though, not so much this week. Either he has been less annoying or I have been less likely to be annoyed.

After I dropped him off I headed to Paris Landing to prove to myself that I would actually go without him. Since it is a little bit out of the way, I figure that if it's just me it isn't really worth the trip. Well, it was worth it.  It was another scorcher (high of 96 but heat index of 105..or so the weather report said it would be) but the water was perfect. When it is this hot, I typically get wet first before trekking around the park. Still, it was pretty hot and I was sweating buckets by the end and giving thanks for anti-diuretic hormone for keeping the balance. Handy hormone, that.  (see what happens when you study!).

Still, the workout has taken a hit these past couple of weeks. It could all be remedied by me being able to just get out and go early in the morning. But, I am not really a morning person though I can fake it pretty well. I don't think I could really drag a pot of coffee and a bottle water on an early morning trek....LOL. No, my optimal exercise time is midday which isn't very handy. And I wonder again at equivalencies. Are two days with an hour or more each day the same as four days with 30 minutes each day? See how I begin to rationalize. And it's partially for naught since I am such a pig. Sure, I have disassociated weight loss from exercise but it would still be nice.

That reminds me of shift report the other day when we were talking about an 80 year old patient who just would not eat and we were discussing strategies. It dawned on me, and  then I had to say it,  that I am going to be royally pissed if, after trying not to eat my entire life,  I finally lose my appetite when I am 80! Of course that degenerated into jokes of me calling the nurses station at 5am, reminding them that it was time for my am weight and to hurry up about it. (Seriously, I know it serves a real, medical purpose but who wants to be awakened at 5am and be told that it is time to be weighed!)

Leverage continues to entertain and I am still loving Hardison the mostest even if Eliot is a total hottie. I lurve all his fight scenes!
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I escaped my strange, ongoing hermitude today in order to head to Clarksville to see Toy Story 3. It was good and I even shed a few tears during the film. Thankfully, the 3D glasses hid them well..LOL. I had invited a friend in my choir group to come with because I have observed how infrequently I make an actual effort to make new friends other than coworker friends.  She is my age and I do believe she is a genre girl, too, so that was a pleasant surprise. Afterwards, we perused the bookstore and I bought two Terry Pratchett books. People have been telling me for ages that I would like the Discworld books. However, are they to be read in order? There wasn't any definitive way to tell because when I looked at the inside covers of various books, I would see two different listing orders? Is it one of those things where it doesn't really matter? Anyway, I decided on Making Money and Mort. Not sure why other than Making Money was listed first on most of the inside covers and Mort just sounded interesting. Have I totally messed up with regard to chronology?

When I got home, I discovered in my mailbox the CD's and handbook for an NP review course. I have a very generous friend and fellow student because this set would have cost me $289 had I purchased it on my own. What a totally nice thing to do! She recently took her certification exam and passed and she tells me that this review course really helped her. So, for the next 6-8 months, my plan is to listen to them on the way to and from work and when school starts for Brandon (and the pool closes) I am going to set aside one or two days a week to head to the library and study. I had intended this to be my summer of study but have now revised it to my August of study because I am literally eat up with the lazy...LOL.

I am back into Burn Notice. Like Lost, my interest in this show waxes and wanes and it was one of those times where I had left last season's finale on my DVR forever and was able to watch finale and premiere episodes back to back. That works pretty well for me sometimes. It can be such an exciting show and I wonder why I let them pile up. Probably too much going on at the time.

Still Merlin obsessed and looking forward to being able to see The Last Dragonlord on 42 ince widescreen...LOL (Since I have only watched it on the computer a half dozen times). I haven't mentioned some of the great episodes over the past few weeks because, well, even though this is my own journal for chronicling the yawnfest that is my life and the very word journal should imply that I would write about these things whether anyone was interested or not,  it seems silly to post about something for which no one else has the least modicum of interest or will want to read. Yet, still I post. That's where obsession comes in, you see. And it is an obsession of Stargate SG-1 proportions even if I don't quite understand exactly why my fanzeal has reached that level.

Merlin stuff for the (hopefully) interested. )

And, of course, I have to post the facebook recap of The Fires of Idirsholas.

Favorite bit of the recap

Gaius: You didn't have a choice, Merlin. You saw how dark her eyeliner was getting. Once she moved from charcoal to black onyx, it was only a matter of time before she axe-murdered us all.


BTW, [ profile] de23  I have Netflixed season one of Leverage.
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All the shows are winding down, it seems. What happened to the days when you had almost as many offerings during the summer as you did in the fall/winter. It's not like I watch an outrageous amount of TV but I like to have something going and now that I have extra time, everything is ending. I realize that there are new shows about to start but I can't bring myself to get excited about them because either, A, they aren't shows I routinely watch such as Eureka (even though the respiratory therapist likes to call me that, knowing my penchant for sci fi) or B, they are new shows that I typically do not give a chance (a post cancellation stress disoder related to all those shows in my past that were cancelled and never had an ending).

Friday night has been a staple for years and I wonder how it is going to be when that all changes. It's not like I ever have anything better to do on a Friday night..or any other night for that matter. But, that is extremely pathetic so, moving on.

Favorite line of the evening:

Vivian: "Who is it"
Arthur: "It is destiny, my love. Destiny and chicken." 

Yes, Merlin was quite the fun romp this week and a nice contrast to all the bloodshed going on on a ship called Destiny. And, oh look, there is already a Facebook recap up. *giggle*

What can I say about SGU? I think this calls for the Big No button, a nice link I came across in another LJ.  Hee. Press it. You know you want to.

SGU Finale. )

Ah, Summer

Jun. 3rd, 2010 02:19 pm
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Yesterday, I was able to head to Paris Landing and it was glorious! A great, albeit warm walk. Sun. Water. (Contented sigh).  Since it has been pretty warm, the water didn't freeze me to death. Typically, it is mid June before I am able to stand it. While there, I started a new book, Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell and it has been a bit of a slow go. Fanfiction has forever ruined me with regard to story pacing. Hopefully, it will become a page turner soon.

I hope to head out again tomorrow. I can't today as I signed up to donate blood this prevening (3:45pm and thanks to Sheldon Cooper for that new word. He's right. It does fulfill a real need in differentiating afternoon from evening...LOL)

I also happened across some of the funniest fandom related articles I have ever seen at They are facebook style ep recaps for Merlin, series two. After reading them, I wish I could find them for some of my other fave shows. OH. MY. GOODNESS. I laughed till I cried!!!

I am going to provide the link. If you want to read them in the series order, you have to scroll down. Be warned, the recap for Friday's 'Lady of the Lake' is at the top of the list so, spoilers...sortof. Let me know what you think. I like to share the hilarity.

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I feel that I have consumed a great deal of TV show fiction over the past week but, when I set pen to paper (figuratively) it doesn't seem that I have really watched as much as it feels I have. Perhaps it is because a large part of it is due to the Finales. Still, here are a few thoughts about it all

Still Lost )SGU and Squee guest stars )Chuck Me! )

Merlin magic and mayhem )
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Well, thanks go out to [ profile] ruralstar who sent me a link to this episode. ((((rural)))) I watched over coffee this morning because, hee, I had NOTHING TO DO  (well, aside from the usual everyday stuff). Let me say that the episode did not disappoint.

I knew it!!!!!!! )

ETA: Okay, Lost just made me sob. Noooooooooooo!!!
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Rain and reality )Of course, some may wonder how I have found time for my second topic...fantasy, namely The SHOWS! I can only say that as I have become older, I have been unable to study after 8pm. Seriously, nothing puts me out faster than reading a textbook after 8! So, I spent that time with my favorite forms of escape. And with regard to my beloved fantasy forms, it really has been all about poignancy and heartbreak.

Fantasy (somewhat spoily for Fringe/SGU/Merlin )SGU and now Merlin raise an issue I have been internally debating. The casts for these shows are, for the most part, twenty somethings. As a woman in her 40's, at what point does fannish devotion to younger characters, even if they aren't teenagers, become sort of pervy and pathetic? (Assuming that previous or existing fannish devotions weren't already pathetic...LOL)  As we grow older, it is only going to get worse, I think. Any thoughts?
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Yay, Spring is here and it is beautiful outside. I will definitely make my way outdoors today. However, this post is all about the shows.

Merlin )
Fringe )Big Bang Theory )Chuck )
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 I'm not going to say much about Heroes since I think that Mary is the only one on the list who watches and though I have reached the point of conjecture, it's almost a waste of time since I almost have a gasp-in-surprise moment during every episode.  Plus, I am only in season one. BUT, I couldn't help but notice Christopher Eccleston, though barely since he looked nothing like The Doctor.

But, the most hilarious thing, and the thing that shows that I am either:

1) Way more observant than I realized OR
2) Way more geeky than I realized

Is the fact that when Hiro's father, George Takei's character, gets into his limo, his license plate is NCC-1701. ROFL!!!!

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