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 School starts tomorrow! Ack!! Brandon will be a junior! Ack!! Isn't that just crazy???

He's whining about going to school tomorrow. LOL.

I'm whining about having to leave earlier since I go through three different school zones and that's even before I leave the county. Tomorrow will be the trial run to see how many I can avoid by leaving early

I'm kinda glad he's going back because I might see him more. Teenage boy plus girlfriend plus job plus car = a mom who has to schedule an appointment. I told him I feel like his landlord except I'm not getting a nice, fat rent check every month.

I still LOVE my job! The added bonus is that I feel as though I am really helping people even more so than usual because, let's face it, it sure does suck to be uninsured and I feel really bad for these people. It's practicing medicine with one hand tied behind your back.

It's strange. Kindred spirits are hard to come by in "real life". It hardly ever happens. At the moment, three of my fellow NP's are watching and loving Merlin. Go Figure?

I think it's gonna take longer to get used to how short the weekends are, now. I may whinge indefinitely.

But, hey, my exercise regimen has improved since I usually walk for 30 minutes during lunch. I walk outside and, because it's been pretty hot for quite a while, I have had people stop in the middle of a really busy street to ask me if I need a ride. Maybe they are just super nice. Maybe they think Fat girl's gonna fall out. IDK.

Today I really started looking forward to D*C and fun times with friends. Hooray!! But I am lamenting my overall lack of comfortable fannish T-shirts. I say comfortable because I'm not really a fan of the typical T-shirt that almost feels like a turtleneck and long sleeves and that I hardly ever want to wear no matter how much I am fangirling it. Still wish I had something Merlin related.......

I bought a new camera! For years, I've been considering purchasing an SLR but they are sooooo expensive. And cumbersome. And heavy. And there's the general inability to record video. Well, thanks to [ profile] archaeologist_d  ,and all her beautiful travel photos (and I'm not just talking about the wonderful boyz pics from filming), I was a total copycat and bought a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ35. It's so light!!! I suspect it weighs about half what my old Canon S3 IS weighs. And certainly less than an SLR would have. That means a lot when you are shlepping all over downtown Atlanta! I am hoping it will be the best compromise of portability and function.

I finally installed MAGIX. And that is about as far as I got. It might be as far as I ever get. The interface is very pretty. Your source material is automatically in the library and easy to find, also very pretty. Having to ask the program to scene detect (clip) and then watch it take an age to do so, not so much. Then you end up with a bazillion "takes" (clips). (Well, not a bazillion, coworker says that I am the absolute Queen of hyperbole...but 400 plus!) Maybe that is actually related to my source material and how I acquired it, as opposed to ripping the episodes from DVD myself. Which also takes an age. On second thought........
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 So, my superpower was gaining control over me today. I would rather take a beating than work on my paper so I knew that desperate times called for desperate measures. I know that, in the absence of a motivational speaker,  the only thing to get me going would be to put on some Linkin Park. (It always makes me work, whether it be housecleaning or homework. I think I even type faster in its presence!) 

And it is working. I am almost done with the sections that are due Monday. However, it has also managed to reawaken my desire to do some Merlin vidding. But I can't! One, I promised myself that I would obtain and learn a new vid-editing program before I ever made any more vids. (It's time to move on from Movie Maker) and, two, I cannot undertake such a project till after December 17th!!!

Is this even remotely interesting? )


Jul. 25th, 2010 05:04 pm
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Okay, so I have wanted to get back into vid making again (thanks to my new obsession, Merlin) but know better as school starts back up next month. Not to mention that I have no vid making/editing tech on this machine other than WMM. Though it served me well in the past, I squeezed all I could out of the program and always wanted to be able to do more which equals $$$ that I cannot justify spending at this moment.

Since I can't make new vids, I decided to upload older vids, especially in light of the fact that I have somehow managed to lose one of my favorite vids, Behind Blue Eyes (and only vid made with both WMM and Pinnacle). I suspect it was lost when my previous laptop unexpectedly went belly up but I don't know how I lost it but not any others. Boo.

So, folks tell me VIMEO is the site. Already, I am having issues. I uploaded my hip hop vid team challenge, Let's Get it Started  (you know, to get started ;D) just fine but, somehow, I cannot get Vimeo to save the title and description. That little circley thing has been spinning for ages and ages. (Like a little stargate stuck on dial...;-) In this case spinning is not cooler than not spinning! Pooey, they all will be untitled and undescribed. No one will know what the heck I was on about.

Is it because I didn't go for Vimeo Plus, which costs?

Oh, and if any of you folks happen to have Behind Blue Eyes by some freaky deaky chance, can you send it to me. (Yeah, it's a loooooong shot, I know.)

I hope to eventually get the rest of them up in case anyone starts feeling all nostalgic. And, maybe, I won't suffer any more vid casualties.


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It has been a nice leisurely week and after the horror that was last weekend, I am eternally grateful. Brandon missed the bus this I had to drive him to school all the while remaining hopeful that I wouldn't get pulled over or see anyone I knew as I had thrown on some clothes and barely combed my hair. Last night, we came home from church to discover that I had locked us out of the house so I am wondering what third stupid thing I am going to do today..LOL!

I am hoping the skies clear a bit for a walk but I know we probably need some rain as well. I have been working on my season nine vid, though not obsessively. (Yay me!) Strangely enough, I have this idea for a Farscape vid that will have to be made whenever I have the DVD's necessary to make it. New territory for me as I have never made anything other than Gate vids! I have managed to work my way through the Galactica backlog..LOL. I am up to the two part season finale.

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