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The chilly, cloudy weather this morning seems to support my hole up in the house and play online mentality. (It doesn't take much for me to cave in to the hermitude some Saturdays).

I did manage to upload some Easter pics so at least I got "something" done other than surf and drink coffee. The first pic is of Brandon and me, obviously. The next two are my adorable nieces, Bri and Abi, and then new addition, Averie

I've also been trying to work on getting caught up with everyone and have enjoyed reading everyone's "100 things" meme. Maybe I should do one entitled 100 things I wish I had time for. But, I don't have time for that..LOL.

No, what little free, fun time I have has been totally taken over by Supernatural and it's high time I start gushing (more!). I don't know if I'm just one of these people who just loves to be sucked into fictional things or if the whole avoidance of the Merlin spoilery has inadvertently pushed me toward a new fandom love interest. Because I never realized until now just how much looking at filming pictures and reading the "reports" maintained my interest between seasons (series). I don't think I've abandoned Merlin; it's just been thrown into the back seat of the Impala for the present time.

Speaking of the Impala, I miss it this season. It's totally a character. And with that I am going to segue into my Top 10 Reasons Why Supernatural is Da Bomb, Yo.

1) Sam and Dean, Dean and Sam..however you say it, the brothers Winchester are the heart of this show. I have never really known why I tend to be drawn into Bromance-y relationships even more often than I am romantic ones. When did this bulletproof kink start? The Outsiders, perhaps? (A book I read about a bazillion times and the only book my son has ever read more than once) Speaking of The Outsiders, I read, somewhere, that S.E. Hinton actually writes SPN fanfic. (I think it was a twitter response to someone else.) I don't know how true that is but it would be great fun to happen upon it sometime.

2) Best. Mytharc. Ever! I love a fantastic, interconnected mythology. For every show I have ever loved, I have had to buy in and adore the mytharc. I tend to get into it so much that I begin to resent the stand-a-lone episodes.  For this show, it would be the ghost/demon/monster of the week episodes except....

3) Monster of the week episodes do not hit reset button every single time. Even the stand-a-lone's will contain important information about the overall arc and/or will highlight an important character arc/relationship/plot point/you name it. This is a wonderful thing and is done exceptionally well. This has always been hit or miss, and my most frequent beef with teevee, even in shows that I have adored. It's like nothing is ever forgotten here. There is always a possibility that something will be explored in greater detail later. The characters do not reset themselves, either. At the moment, there are tons of things I'd like to see revisited and I think the amulet, and the fallout from Dean's trashing the amulet, given what that meant to the both of them, is at the top of the list.

4) Total balance. This show ALWAYS balances the humor, drama/angst, and the darkness rather well. Most times, it seems rather seamless in that respect.

5) Slacker! Interesting and well developed supporting characters that you love as much as the boys and villains that are NOT moustache twirling, one dimensional caricatures.

6) Homage to fandom! This show actually "gets" fandom and fandom culture. Seriously! Some of my favorite laugh out loud episodes have dealt with this aspect. I was peeing in my pants laughing during the episode where Sam and Dean end up at a Supernatural convention. (It was actually a pretty decent ghost story, too. See number 4)

7) Not taking itself too seriously. Speaking of laughter, this show can laugh at itself, too, and I haven't seen that done with such humor since Stargate SG-1

8) The Impala: A mode of transportation that actually feels like a character. It had its own episode and everything. This has happened for me before. The Stargate.  Moya (sortof..Moya actually falls into her own category in that she is actually a sentient being but still)

9) Vidder's delight. The show does it's own version of a music vid before the season finales and at the beginning of the season premieres. That totally rocks!

10) Major eye candy. Superficially speaking, of course.

And, favorite lines from last night's episode:
Sam to Dean talking about his *ahem* liaison with Annie: "It was a while back. We ended up on the same case. She was stressed. And I didn't have a soul."

Bobby to himself "I can kill werewolves, fix a Pinto, and bake cornbread. I will be damned if I can't get zen!"

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