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I have been meaning to rec these vids since I saw them at Nashcon. These days I am typically a day late and a dollar short.

But, It's never too late to see a great vid.

I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this vid and promptly downloaded this song right there from my seat (after I asked the girls seated behind me who the music artist was) I love how vids help me discover new music!

And this vid unexpectedly brought me to tears!

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My icon totally represents that feeling when you've taken a fair amout of time to post an update and LJ LOSES IT despite the draft autosave feature.

I feel like I did when the electricity went off when I was 25 pages into a paper and didn't know if I would be able to save what I had lost. (Well, not that bad but pretty close)

Various and sundry curse words omitted.

You just thought you were gonna see the update you've been anxiously waiting for. ;-)

Now, I just don't have it in me to recreate what I had written. Maybe later.

DAMMIT <---------- curse word not omitted

Maybe I am inappropriately PISSED <------ another curse word not omitted.
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If this vid doesn't make you smile there's clearly something wrong with you. Thanks [ profile] dragonfly_sg1 for the heads up!

Adorkable guys FTW!!!!

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Oh my gosh, this has me literally peeing in my pants, laughing!!!!

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I have literally cleaned ALL MORNING just so I wouldn't feel guilty reading and goofing off for the rest of the day.

I'm crazy, like, whoa!!

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It's not enough that I'm in carb DT's this week thanks to vacation last week.

No, it's that time of year where it's all I can do to not give in to my spoiler addiction.

(Also known as Comic-Con)

But spoilers really alter my enjoyment and, as much as I'd love to watch/read interviews, I. Must. Be. Strong.

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You know how I love me a good vid. And this vid by [ profile] ash48 definitely falls into the category of feel good vid, which is sorely needed at this point in the season.

So of course I have to share such a grin inducing find. (Plus it reminded me of the total squee of last Sunday!!!!)  I won't spoil it but there is a clip toward the end that literally made me Laugh Out Loud With Glee!!!  And if you aren't a fan of SPN, sad though you are, you will find pleasure in the wonderful editing and massive eye candy.

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OMG! I thought I was a more of a theoretical fangirl above all the goofy fangirl gushing swoony smile business but apparently not. Cause I'm here to tell you that Jenson and Jared are way hotter in real life and they smell amazing to boot. Good grief, who knows what this photo will look like because I was all, "wait, what" after the photo was taken and "did that just happen?" After a dazed stroll where I'm all "I'm never washing this hand again" the elevator opened magically without my hand even touching it, thus was the conferred power of the Padalecki.

Seriously, I'm quite surprised at myself. Honestly.

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Guess where [ profile] de23 and I are going....


Dec. 21st, 2013 01:48 pm
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Haha. A vid rec that is not related to SPN but this was sent to me on FB and I just had to share!!!!

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Yeah, I said I was gonna do better about updating. I need to do more quickie posts and updates rather than feeling the need to have substantial, wordy posts (and then end up "saving" it up too much and then feeling like there's no time to get into it all)

But it has been a hugely transitional time for me and there's lots of boring stuff to say about it. LOL.

Okay, moving on. THIS VID!!! It is a wonderful Sam character study and I LOVE how the vidder manages to convey Sam's entire arc in 4 minutes. I thought the interspersing of dialogue was very cleverly used and be on the lookout for this really cool transition between Wee! Sam and adult Sam. I am always amazed at this sort of thing because wading through 8 plus seasons of footage and then finding just the right two clips is a rather daunting, time-consuming task. Oh, and I've never heard the song before but I like it.

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Sam and Dean!!!!!

Later, We found Cas! (And another Dean)

Last night we came across a Samandriel. (Alfie)

But one of my favorites was today when I saw a Dean in his coach outfit from After School Special when he is posing as the gym coach. Those shorts! Unfortunately, it was too crowded to take a photo. Hopefully, I will come across her again later today

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Fight the Fairies!

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I should do a real update, but, the truth of it is work kind of consumes my social life (both online and offline)

Still, I can say this is applicable, too. I apologize that I don't know where I saw it. Will edit and credit if someone else does.

In other news, my costume is coming together as I've found a place where I can get a replica of The Ruby Knife!!!!! Awesomer and awesomer!

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Today, I've been working on trying to organize my photos from my England trip, which isn't an easy task, anyway, but it is even worse when I used both a camera (that I had to buy because I forgot mine at home. Gah!!) and the iPhone. Weirdly, the iPhone photos seem to be uploading out of order, which could be a problem when I go to figure out what is what and what is this museum picture of anyway (I started taking pictures of the exhibit descriptions after bemoaning how I couldn't remember the date on the little ancient piggy bank I saw at The Ashmolean.

I had an AWESOME vacation and I cannot even believe how much we did on this trip!! And, as usual, when you take off for any length of time, you hit the ground running as soon as you get back. This time included a bit of jet lag.

In the coming weeks (months) I hope to report a bit on all the fun stuff I did while on "holiday."  I am still pondering the best place to upload them all to once they all make it onto my computer. Suggestions?

Anyway, Dragon*Con is just around the corner. (Hooray!) Anyone on my f-list going, aside from the people I know are going because we are traveling/rooming together?

I am excited because my friend [ profile] de23 and I are working on our Sam and Dean costumes! I have never worn a costume in all of the years I have been attending cons so it will be my first time! At some point I will be walking around wearing only one shoe. Hee!!! (And I even found the exact shoes, only the women's version, that Sam wore in Bad Day at Black Rock. Poor Sam. I did watch that one again last night and laughed just as much as I always do. I don't think that episode is ever going to not make me laugh.)

On that note,  I will leave you with two photos from my trip that are total fangirl squee and nothing else. [ profile] _leigh_leigh [ profile] de23 and her husband K, Brandon, and I had visited The London Eye. Afterwards, Leigh and I were in the gift shop. I was thirsty and I opened the drink cooler and saw this:


Hee!!!! (I am sure that the cashiers thought I was a complete lunatic snapping photos of their drink case. Crazy Ass tourists.)

Well of course, [ profile] _leigh_leigh and I would LOVE to share a diet coke with Sam and Dean! Who wouldn't?!?

So we did.

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I just want to wish the Canadians on my f-list a Happy Canada Day.[ profile] scarym1 I am wearing my shirt I got in Halifax last year to celebrate!

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I haven't had time to post or update and you better believe that one of those bullet-y, random, day to day stream of consciousness sort of posts is pending.

I thought I'd get to it today but this is the first day I've had to play catch up at home for the past couple of weeks.

But I sat down for a few moments and happened across this vid and Oh, WOW! The song is fantastic and It really highlights my feelings about the finale (which I still ponder at the strangest moments. Yesterday, I'm on a raft at the pool and, suddenly, I'm thinking about all the levels of meaning to Sam saying, "How do I stop?" and Dean's response) and it is just an awesome visual representation of how Sam's arc CUTS ME TO MY CORE!!!

 I just cannot get over how this show has latched onto my brain, how it makes me obsess think about the characters a whole heck of a lot, and how it makes me feel ALL the feelings. I know, I know. I have fangirl tendencies. I've ALWAYS had fangirl tendencies.  Fangirls SQUEE! But, this show.  It just takes everything that I have felt in the past for beloved shows and multiplies it times one thousand!

Well, crap. Now I wanna surf vids. I knew I should have never sat down at this computer!!!!
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I've been trying to marshal my flaily thoughts enough to talk about the finale. I am always amazed at how others seem to do this so quickly and so well while my thoughts are still hyperactively bouncing around in my brain. And even after a 2 and a half viewings, (yes, I had to watch the final 30 minutes again immediately after watching the show on Wednesday) there is still so much to process! How did they manage SO MUCH in one short not even an hour.
Words, words, and more words! )
It was an amazing season finale and the final scenes were perfection! However, I can't believe I have written all of this and still managed to leave a few thoughts out.
What started as me marshaling my thoughts has turned into most of the day and a dissertation. But I just couldn't let it go and I just needed to process. (I know. It's just a television show!)

If you have read all of this you win. You are amazing for making it through all of this and you deserve all the cookies!

I apologize for the formatting. I did try and include several breaks to make it easier to read. LJ just ignored most of them.

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