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Here is my go to exercise song for this weekend. Oddly fitting lyrics to counteract all the emo angst. 

Endorphins are your friend.

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I'm patting myself on the back, here, to say that I am still managing to avoid the spoilery (for two shows, now).

Go me.

This week, I took a brief break, teevee wise, from my unending love for SPN and fulfilled a promise to my friend, [ profile] scarym1, to give White Collar a go (cause I'm just cool like that and, plus, it went Netflix streaming)

I must say that I'm enjoying it very well thus far. 

Is it very pathetic that this is pretty much the only thing new with me? How boring can one person actually be?!? Even I am pretty much over me.

Ah well, how about I share a bit of lovely and a song or two. How about that? (FYI this is an official vid...not a fanvid.) Now, I'm sure you all know why I watched this vid in the first place. I've never even heard of this band before now but I think the song is pretty cool. It certainly won't be the first time I've discovered new music because I'm a fangirl and it won't be the last.

And yet another song I am loving from the new Linkin Park "album"....

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I am loving this song. Linkin Park, you keep doing it for me!! I keep waiting to be over you but it hasn't happened so far....

I'd love to see a SPN vid to this. I even left a prompt in some community. Somewhere. What about you, [ profile] dragonfly_sg1. Your vidding muse up for it?

(If only I had all the eps ripped/downloaded, time, a computer with enough RAM to handle it, updated versions of my vid editing program or, even better, Sony Vegas. Sigh)

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So I was playing some songs on shuffle the other day and I happened upon this song.

I remember really liking the song but I had forgotten about it. I'm pretty sure the first time I heard it was in a Stargate vid and, now, I really want to find that vid again. Any Stargate fans out there remember this? It was either a Daniel vid,  a Jack and Daniel vid, or a team vid. (Yeah, I know that really narrows it down, right? LOL!)

[ profile] scarym1 and [ profile] ruralstar, I think I am kind of counting on you but, hey, if there is anyone out there who knows which vid I am talking about, please chime in.

I would like to see it again. (So much so that it's sort of bugging me.) 
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 So, Merlin is taking forever to burn to DVD tonight....probs cause I added those deleted scenes to it. I've had about all the paper writing I can stand for one day.

It's pretty dangerous when I am on here and I have free time on my hands. You know why, dontcha? Because, then I must inundate everyone with whatever obsession I am on about.

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