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It has been so busy around here these past few weeks that I feel the need to hole up in the house today, even if the sun and water does beckon.

But, there's laundry. And dishes. And plans for a busy day tomorrow.

Vacation time is nearly upon me and I'm getting that unsettled feeling that I am, somehow, unprepared. It is true where next weekend's trip to Santa Claus, IN and Holiday World is concerned because I haven't even booked a hotel room and I am still uncertain as to how many of Brandon's friends will be going. But I have booked everything except the car park for my upcoming trip to Halifax/PEI


But, instead of doing that, I am all about my TV boyfriends, reading such things as I Hate You Jared Padalecki, which is HYSTERICAL (and potentially of interest to my married friends who also have TV boyfriends on the side). Apparently, Jared Padalecki  thought it was pretty funny, too.

I also watched Michael Shanks (one of my old TV boyfriends) new show, Saving Hope. And, because I am a total lazo, I'm going to snatch my reply to [ profile] dm_lunsford's post about said show.

Saving Hope )

So, what to do. More Laundry? Book stuff? Or ogle TV boyfriends some more? 

Ogling it is!
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Snow! Again!?! I think we have met our quota. This whole snowy winter thing is getting a bit ridiculous, even if I am glad that I didn't have to drive to work in it this time. Last Friday was a wee bit treacherous. Heck, my road to work is treacherous on a good day.

So, yeah, I should be studying but I know I am going to be a bit of a slacker until I am actually able to schedule the exam. (I need deadlines, I suppose) All of the necessary paperwork is in but I haven't heard anything as of yet. My plan for this week was to get out of the house and away from fanfic distractions but I'm feeling rather snowed in today and have no desire to even leave the house.

Have I mentioned that I hate winter? The desire to move is always strong this time of year.

So, Fringe and Chuck are back and I finished season two of The Mentalist in my effort to finally get caught up with that show. However, in case you haven't noticed, I haven't been feeling particularly chatty of late. I have nothing of interest to say. (Assuming I ever did).

I blame it on winter inertia

(Which makes me think of the Massive Attack song, Inertia Creeps, even though 'Inertia' in that song has no bearing on how I used the word and listening to it makes me think it could inspire some mind blowing fanfic. Writers?)

And thanks to [ profile] de23  for this bit of fandom fun: Ultimate Fandom Tournament  Choosing was rather fun even if those going head to head didn't always make sense. And it reminded me that I will always vote for John Crichton. ALWAYS!! (Do I envision a Farscape rewatch in my immediate future!?!)

And, of course, I am rewatching Merlin as it is being aired on SyFy. I hope those who weren't obsessed enough to find alternate viewing methods are tuning in as well.....
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 So, yeah, I should be busy either cleaning this house OR working on my paper (when am I not supposed to be working on paper(s). Instead, I procrastinate. I happened upon this story about Civil war dolls being used to smuggle medicine to troops and, since it is almost Halloween, I reflected on how dolls kinda sorta creep me out. Especially old dolls. Maybe it is due to some of the stories I have read as a child such as A Candle in Her Room, which involved an evil doll named Dido and was deliciously scary (and gee isn't it expensive to buy now as it is out of print). I really should re read it and see if it would have the same hauntingly scary affect on me. Another memory is of a Disney movie called Child of Glass which had a china doll and a ghost. I remember being creeped out by this movie as well, so much so that it has stuck in my mind all these years...I had to be about 9-10 when I watched it. (Yeah, a Disney movie. Imagine that!). 

Brandon has always loved horror movies but he was always scared by the Chucky doll. Maybe this creeped out by dolls thing is genetic..LOL.

So, what strange thing really creeps you out?
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 OMG! This so makes me want to embark on a massive SG-1 rewatch and start making vids again (although Merlin was kind of making me feel that way already.)

I must be strong and not give my superpower any more ammunition.

Thanks to [ profile] dm_lunsford for the fake trailer linkie.

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 First, I gotta just say it again (and again, and again, and again) Colin Morgan is simply AMAZING. It cannot be said, enough, really.

You manage to make my heart break for Merlin EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Anyway, this episode is made of so much WIN. I ranks right up there with The Last Dragonlord in my book.

In which I expound at length about the WIN! )
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So, it has been pretty busy what with clinical and work and moving my MIL out of the nursing home and back into her own home (who knew that she would have accumulated that much stuff in the past month or so) and I really should be working on my Reflection assignment. But, no. I am battling my tendency to procrastinate but good today. Well, "battling" is a bit optimistic. It happens.  So, I finally decided to post my thoughts about Merlin, "The Tears of Uther Pendragon" Parts 1 and 2. I was going to wait till it aired on SyFy but I figured that the only people who might remotely care what I think are those who are also seeking alternate viewing methods. So here we have it. My stream of consciousness bullet point thoughts.

Cut for the completely uninterested and a wee bit lengthy. )

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