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Ya'll ready for this?

It's official. I am finally ready to admit that Supernatural has beat out Stargate for my favorite show of all time. Sure, I've fallen in love with shows since Gate ended but I was never really able to say that about any other show, including Merlin. Part of it is all the positive, first-time fangirl memories I have with Stargate. I didn't want any show to usurp that. Part of it is Stargate remains the most fun I have had playing in fandom. Ever. I had more time to be more involved than I do now.

But, I gotta admit that SPN is not only a great show to watch, (and watch and watch and watch) it also has me thinking about it quite a great amount of time when I'm not watching. I wanna read reviews and long-involved meta posts and look at picspam and talk about it with anyone else who is also watching.

I changed my LJ header!
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I am currently in the throes of an allergy attack the likes of which I haven't seen in years. It came on suddenly, yesterday, immediately after I participated in my first ever 5K (Relay for life walk/run). It must have been all the dead leaves and whatnot because I have been sneezing and stuffy ever since. I signed up for the event even though I am only 3-4 weeks into my couch to 5k app with my zombie trainer. Of course, I didn't start from the couch and I'm still not buying that I will reach the point that I can jog for 5 minutes straight much less 35 minutes straight but, whatever. I went ahead and did one of the app workouts for the event, mostly to distract me from feeling self-conscious around the loads of people who participated,  and my pace was 14.3min/mile for the first 2.2 miles, anyway. But, it's a hilly route and I think the hills (or my nose) got me toward the end, bringing my average pace closer to 15. I was hoping for closer to 40min to complete the thing. Maybe next time?

It may not look like it on here, but  Supernatural is still inspiring All. The. Feelings. I've just been chatting about it elsewhere on folks' journals who are way more fandomly active than mine. Needless to say, I am really loving this season! It was great seeing Amanda Tapping as a guest star, too. (And, a recurring one to boot!) Then someone asked me who she was and what she had been in in the past which then had me tripping down memory lane as I got all nostalgic about Stargate. Suddenly, I want to go back and rewatch episodes and old vids and whatnot. Then, my nostalgia (and worry that my computer is going to crash any day, now, and that my backups are likely dodgy) had me uploading most of my old videos to youtube, well, at least the ones that are halfway presentable in this age of HD and Sony Vegas.

Then I had to figure out how to create a masterpost  which should have seemed straightforward but I still "lost" the first one I did because I thought all you had to do was change the date. Duh.

A vid and why Stargate is still a show worth checking out! )

Work is still kicking my behind. I am so ready for a few days off!
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A Masterpost seems pretty superfluous at this point, but, LJ has been my go to place to yammer on about The Shows, TV boyfriends, and the mundane day to day drivel. (Oh my gosh, I've been on here since 11/16/2004!) I have taken the time to upload my old Stargate videos to youtube and I needed a place to link them. Though I wrangled quite a bit out of movie maker, these were made way before the days of HD and Sony Vegas. But,  they were fun and I was feeling nostalgic. 

Stargate vids )

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So, I am finally getting caught up with SGU. It has been bittersweet because it is the end of an era and these past 8 eps I have watched have been absolutely phenomenal and remind me that this show was cancelled way before its time ( even though, yeah, I know Gate had a tremendously long run.) But I think Descent and Epilogue, especially, have broken my heart!!! (I can barely see the screen through my tears!) I would even venture that these two episodes are the BEST Stargate eps out of the ENTIRE franchise and Epilogue probably rates up there with the best of the best stories EVER.

So I must say it again.


I still have the last two episodes of Stargate ever left to watch and don't wanna. Then, it really will be over. :(
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 Thanks to [ profile] de23  about the heads up regarding this Stargate vid!! It's also pretty dang cool that it got a tweet shout-out from Martin Gero! It is very action packed but it also reminds me why I am so sad to see Stargate go. (Forever, it seems if they are auctioning off pieces of the Gate) It brought a tear to my eye! Sob!

The vidder deserves much kudos because it manages to hold my interest for the entire song, all 6 minutes of it , while incorporating all three Stargate incarnations.

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 It seems that the Stargate franchise is coming to an end as Syfy has cancelled SGU.

I am not as sad as when they cancelled SG-1 but, still, this show was really, really coming into its own this season and now we will be cut off, likely with a cliffhanger, with all of these dangling plot lines. I know that some folks were put off by the darker tone but I really think most of the problem came from that move to Tuesday nights.

Still, I owe a great deal to Stargate, aside from the 12 or 13 years that I have watched and loved a show that had the Best. Prop. Ever.

It was the very first fandom I ever became involved in and, wow, was that ever fun. I met a great bunch of people online, some of whom I remain friends with to this day. Because of Stargate, I was bitten by the travel bug as I ventured forth to Vancouver for Gatecon, my first ever scifi convention, my first trip out of the country, and my first meeting of those kindred spirits I met online. I had so much fun that I did it again the following year, even managing to snag a set tour in the process. 

I really don't think I'd be as computer savvy as I am if it hadn't been for Stargate, though that isn't saying much. I didn't come into the show from the beginning (No showtime, you see) and I remember searching for and downloading these horrific 20MB episodes from websites that would constantly be shut down. I mean, really, the quality was crap and if we were desperate enough to download crap, don't you think we would watch it in syndication eventually? Either megaupload did not exist or I was totally unaware of it. Later, I learned about torrent but I could never, ever get that to work right. I eventually got sucked into making fanvids and spent many a happily obsessed hour trying to get the timing just right. Of course, I had to learn how to make a website where I could house all these vids, even though the site is no longer available. I still watch these vids when I am feeling nostalgic.

Certainly vid making has come a long way since I dabbled with basic, old movie maker (And I apologize) but here is the only vid I have left online. It has a great many clips of my favorite team EVER along with that wonderful, bestest prop. Yep, nostalgic and misty eyed.

Because of Stargate, I discovered fanfiction, to which I am still completely addicted to. And it really hasn't been that long since I moved on from SG-1 fanfic to my latest fandom addiction.

So, yeah, I am sad to see an end to something that I loved and that brought me so many great friends, even friends from new fandoms because, really, Stargate started it all.

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