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I haven't had time to post or update and you better believe that one of those bullet-y, random, day to day stream of consciousness sort of posts is pending.

I thought I'd get to it today but this is the first day I've had to play catch up at home for the past couple of weeks.

But I sat down for a few moments and happened across this vid and Oh, WOW! The song is fantastic and It really highlights my feelings about the finale (which I still ponder at the strangest moments. Yesterday, I'm on a raft at the pool and, suddenly, I'm thinking about all the levels of meaning to Sam saying, "How do I stop?" and Dean's response) and it is just an awesome visual representation of how Sam's arc CUTS ME TO MY CORE!!!

 I just cannot get over how this show has latched onto my brain, how it makes me obsess think about the characters a whole heck of a lot, and how it makes me feel ALL the feelings. I know, I know. I have fangirl tendencies. I've ALWAYS had fangirl tendencies.  Fangirls SQUEE! But, this show.  It just takes everything that I have felt in the past for beloved shows and multiplies it times one thousand!

Well, crap. Now I wanna surf vids. I knew I should have never sat down at this computer!!!!
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I've been trying to marshal my flaily thoughts enough to talk about the finale. I am always amazed at how others seem to do this so quickly and so well while my thoughts are still hyperactively bouncing around in my brain. And even after a 2 and a half viewings, (yes, I had to watch the final 30 minutes again immediately after watching the show on Wednesday) there is still so much to process! How did they manage SO MUCH in one short not even an hour.
Words, words, and more words! )
It was an amazing season finale and the final scenes were perfection! However, I can't believe I have written all of this and still managed to leave a few thoughts out.
What started as me marshaling my thoughts has turned into most of the day and a dissertation. But I just couldn't let it go and I just needed to process. (I know. It's just a television show!)

If you have read all of this you win. You are amazing for making it through all of this and you deserve all the cookies!

I apologize for the formatting. I did try and include several breaks to make it easier to read. LJ just ignored most of them.


Mar. 2nd, 2013 08:18 pm
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Supernatural has the best gag reels/outtakes!!!!!!!

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It feels like it has been forever since I posted and I wonder why I don't do drive by updates. Maybe because my "head posts" aren't always in sync with my access. There's no service in the building I work in and, even if I am not in the building, I live in an area of that stupid E (i.e., no 3 or 4G.) That cuts out any lunchtime musings, should they occur.

So, here's a few things I am happy about, which is saying A LOT since I am a decidedly unhappy, unmotivated person in the Winter even when the sun decides to make an appearance.

(In no particular order)

SEASON 9!!!!!!!!!!! 'nuff said

It's Wednesday. On Wednesday, I am more optimistic and all aflutter with anticipation of a new episode. It's pathetic (but fun) so who cares.

Long Weekend!!!!!!

Chatting with [ profile] dombedeand [ profile] _leigh_leigh while watching Swan Song was great fun yesterday. Having iMessage tied to my iPad makes it even better!

Ditto on [ profile] de23 being able to come over last Saturday so she could watch some season seven. It's always more fun viewing with someone else.

[ profile] de23 the roasted Okra was FANTASTIC. However, I improvised and did not use the cumin. I didn't have any, of course, but I don't think I would have liked that flavor on okra, anyway.

I am getting pretty awesome with the weighted hula hoop. I am the only one, aside from the instructor, who can actually keep it going. Have I mentioned that I Have never been able to do this? You really work up a sweat, too.

The Winchesters DO look quite fetching on the 50 inch widescreen. At some point, I will provide pictorial evidence of this so that you all may also drool.

My supervisor registered me for a required online CEU course. She was feeling bad that she kept harassing me to get it done while not giving me time on the schedule to do it. Hello, it's a 4-5 hr course. I can't exactly do it between patients and I work over enough as it is. So, she finally set aside some time and then saved me even more time by completing my registration. The password she chose for me? Dean1*. Hahahahahaha. I don't even know if it was amusing happenstance or intentional because she doesn't watch the show (not to be confused with my supervising physician who is also a recent convert, I am probably the most supervised person in my office.)

I should feel really guilty about this next happy thing which I can't tell you because it is really spoilery for some upcoming season 8 stuff. I try not to expand the spoilery stuff when I happen across it but you all know I am WEAK and my weakness only increases as a season progresses.

I should be ashamed to admit that the shmoopy ending of last weeks Downton Abbey gave me the warm fuzzies, proving yet again that I can be pretty easy to manipulate sometimes. Whatever. I am choosing to see it as hope that I will never become a completely jaded, cynical viewer/reader of stories. Those folks are miserable, man! They're never satisfied.

Whoever posted that link to the never before seen SG-1 bloopers, you gave me more nostalgic warm fuzzies!!!Awwwww. [ profile] dragonfly_sg1 was that you? If so, can you humor my total laziness and post a link or embed in the comments. Finding the youtube embed code on my iPad is historically problematic.

What is making you happy today?
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Why, yes, I am making up for my lack of posts, lately.

Between the ongoing rewatch/discussion with [ profile] de23 on instant messenger, season 5 texts from [ profile] dombede, discussion about season 1-2 at [ profile] _leigh_leigh's journal, and replying to various and sundry folks about season 8 episodes, I really feel that I am getting my "Let's talk SPN" fix.

It's a fun time to be me, fangirl discussion wise! However, because I seem to be in so many different seasons, my thoughts are all over the place, lately.

As Time Goes By )

I'm also sharing recs, courtesy of [ profile] ash48 because they totally made my morning coffee way more enjoyable and sharing is good.

First, a fantastic Picspam (and only spoilery if you find pictures of Sam and Dean spoilery)

D is for Dean
S is for Sam

And, of course, a vid, Winchester Thrift Shop by [ profile] deirdre_c (only spoilery if seeing the Winchesters in various outfits and/or "disguises" is spoilery for you.) HYSTERICAL. I've already watched it 3 times. The lyrics,especially "I'm gonna wear this big ass coat" and the accompanying clips had me ROFL!!! (warning if young folks nearby, there's a few f-bombs)

Now, a few incidental, unrelated comments.

My Zumba class has brought out a hula hoop (weighted) and though I have NEVER been able to do this and was doubtful that I ever could, I find that I have been getting better! Of course, I think the weighted one is bigger and easier but I couldn't do that one at first, either. It's really too bad that I can only go once a week as the other class coincides with my late clinic day.

[ profile] de23, I made the maple walnut muffins, though I had to substitute a gluten free baking mix for the almond meal and the Pig only had sweetened coconut (but still not too many sugars). I also only have a regular muffin pan. If anyone is interested, calories per regular muffin-143; fat-6.28; carb-19; fiber-1.8, protein-3.38. Of course, I don't know how it all breaks down if you use the almond meal/flour. They tasted the same..LOL. I cannot discount calories no matter what plan I am on so I definitely only left a few out and froze small serving portions.

I have been keeping up with Downton Abbey and I am still pretty interested with the exception quickie spoiler thought )
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January has been whirlwind eventful with great times alternating with stressful crap that I will probably yammer on about later but not THIS POST

No, this is my feeling all smug post about how I feel responsible for turning [ profile] de23, [ profile] dombede, and, now, [ profile] _leigh_leigh into Supernatural junkies. There's also Dr. Mac and her entire family as well but she's not on LJ. Heh, heh.

So, since I think I now have more than one friend who likes this show on my f-list, do you think I should create our own little community to talk about it or is that a bit redundant and our usual rambling way is just fine.

Let me know.

Anyone else on my f-list is welcome to become a SPN junkie at any time. Just sayin'

Oh, and "LARP and the Real Girl" was so hilariously, wonderfully, fantastic that I wanna talk about it, too. And "Torn and Frayed" and...and.....

But, Adorababy's first birthday is today and I've been called in for decorating duty.
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As I am sitting around here just waiting around for the mid season premiere of Supernatural, I felt that this article was incredibly appropriate (and proof that I am not alone in wanting to talk about this show ALL. THE. TIME.)

And the most talked about show on social media in 2012 is.....

Vid recs

Dec. 31st, 2012 07:13 pm
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I'm a bit overdue for one of my Big Fat Geek TV posts but I'm still processing the end of Merlin (I was both elated and disheartened by that finale and I still can't decide whether I feel like chucking the DVDs and deleting all my userpics or not), I have loads of other episodes on my DVR that still need to be watched, and if I start talking SPN, I won't be able to shut up about it.

Then, I considered doing a year in review sort of thing, since I've never done one before,  but I got waylaid by laundry (my son brought out towels he says has been in his closet for years (Years!!),  a flurry of wine induced texting, and trolling vids because I want to make vids but watching is so much easier. It all sounds like a pretty pathetic way to bring in the New Year except that I have been enjoying these goof off days SO MUCH that I don't even care how pathetic I seem.

Now, I wanna share my vid recs with the 2-4 people on my f-list who might care. I like reccing them. Vidders don't often get feedback or recs like fanfiction writers do.  I also like these posts because, in this age of streaming, it helps me keep up with vids I really liked so I can go back and watch again. (Assuming I can get LJ features, such as tagging, working today.

I suppose I should come up with a format if I am going to start reccing.

ETA: Gee, I am still doing towels. Brandon really did have years' worth crammed into his closet!

On to the vids!!!!! )
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Wow, there's been a virtual explosion of "WTH" after "Citizen Fang." Strangely, I find myself in the apparent minority in that I'm not feeling one iota of kerfuffle. Nope, I really liked the episode and I CANNOT wait to see what happens next.  It reinforced once again why this show has taken over the top spot for me by making me think about it whenever I possibly could today. So, for what it's worth, here's my two cents about the general response and how I see it:

Boys, BFFs, and Betrayal )

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Ya'll ready for this?

It's official. I am finally ready to admit that Supernatural has beat out Stargate for my favorite show of all time. Sure, I've fallen in love with shows since Gate ended but I was never really able to say that about any other show, including Merlin. Part of it is all the positive, first-time fangirl memories I have with Stargate. I didn't want any show to usurp that. Part of it is Stargate remains the most fun I have had playing in fandom. Ever. I had more time to be more involved than I do now.

But, I gotta admit that SPN is not only a great show to watch, (and watch and watch and watch) it also has me thinking about it quite a great amount of time when I'm not watching. I wanna read reviews and long-involved meta posts and look at picspam and talk about it with anyone else who is also watching.

I changed my LJ header!
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You guys have to check out my new shiny banner courtesy of [ profile] chaand her awesome fangirl Christmas spirit!!!

Yes, I retired The Stargate/Farscape mish mash for my new SPN shiny.

It's so lovely. *pets them*

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Well, I've still not decorated anything and I've bought one present but I've done some actual baking! You heard it here first, folks. And, [ profile] dombede , get this! The recipe had only three count 'em, three ingredients!!!!

On that note, I've always loved Carol of the Bells and I particularly like the Trans-Siberian Orchestra version of it. So, now wanna rec a wonderful SPN vid to it made by the lovely and talented [ profile] dragonfly_sg1.

What is fantastic and unique about this vid and this rec is the fact that I watched it and thought it was fantastic long before I had ever watched my first episode of Supernatural and, therefore, didn't get any of the references. What I said then was,

"It's funny how the music strikes the appropriate, eerie, melancholy tone needed when it's, essentially, a Christmas tune. LOL!"

"It's quite a bloody show, isn't it?"

Once I devoured the show and got all of the references, the vid was EVEN BETTER. For my friends in season 2-4 (yes, [ profile] de23 has already made it to season 4.   Mwahahahahahah) it is spoilery, yes, but it is fast paced and, De, you are now past the plot points and character introductions I've been really protecting you from. There's no way I was going to spoil that! And, As I said, I watched it before ever watching the show and, still, I was totally unspoiled by it.

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Well, I've had no time to get all thinkie or even read all the thinkie I know is being posted out and about.

But, ya'll, I loved "Hunteri Heroici" like burning. And, oh my! Thickening plots. *eyeballs previous post where stuff is intimated*

Hum, indeed. There's all sorts of speculations and what ifs rolling around in my brain and its soooooo hard to watch this show in real time, now. And next weeks the mid season finale. Ack!

That's All Folks )

So. Much. LOVE!

Now, if they could have only incorporated my favorite line, "Dragons is so stupid".....

ETA: Okay, now that I have a free moment and I've been a bit more thinkie, I wanna talk about Sam some more!

dream, dream, dream )

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Okay, Supernatural is making me feel ALL the feelings and I'm late on my Big Fat Geek TV post of the week(s). (Mainly because I'm behind on The Shows as work has been totally kicking my butt)

But, I'm not behind on SPN, that's for sure! And when I'm not working and whatnot, I'm thinking about Sam and Dean. (IKR?!?)

Of course, when I'm feeling all the feelings, I sometimes get the urge to surf fanvids. (Since I'm not making them myself, anymore) It's full on angst, people! Gosh, I love it. 

And I happened upon this AMAZING vid to this amazing song! It's spoilery for season 1-4 (so, [ profile] de23, I'd avoid if I were you. But you can listen cause it's a really great song..LOL. I'm tagging all my vid posts, though. If you have already begun to ponder Sam and Dean while you are doing laundry or driving, I suspect you'll be trolling for fanvids before you know it. [ profile] dombede I don't know where you are  in the watch but I don't think you'd be much interested in fangirly angst, anyway)

And if you pretty much know you are never going to watch this show (which I think is just plain crazycakes of you, but, whatever ;) or if you don't care about being spoiled, play it for the great song! I'm sure it is cross fandom applicable.

Running up that hill. )

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This weekend I did a fair amount of "unwinding" in front of the TV. Some weeks, real life is just so (hormonally driven?) unsatisfying that all I want to do is lose myself in good stories so I played a bit of TV catch-up. First of all, I cannot believe I am watching not just one, but, two NEW shows. How uncharacteristically reckless of me!

Revolution )

Supernatural )

Arrow )

Merlin )
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Okay, so I never did get around to posting the 2nd part of my thoughts about the SPN season premiere. This is likely due to me having the same amount of time in my schedule that I usually have and the fact that I am following more TV shows at one time than is usual for me.

And the fact that, usually, I tend to post the flaily reaction bits on here and reply to others' way more coherent posts. 

SPN, 801 and 802 )

Merlin, 501 and 502 )

Revolution )

Arrow )

And, in a not on TV note, I finally saw Avengers! Awesome!! Tony Stark, there is never any story that I will not love you based on your dialogue alone. Your superhero suit of awesomeness is just icing on the cake. And, I'm sorry, Thor. Sam Winchester would like his hammer back, please. No offense to the actor that plays Thor but now that I have seen Sam Winchester wield Mjolnir, I think the role should be recast with Jared Padalecki. Just sayin'

Whew, after all that I think I need to add something fun to top it off. And, whaddaya know, I first heard this song at D*C at the end of karaoke so, geek applicable.  [ profile] de23 you may remember it. I have to say that this is the most fun use of clips from funny scenes, cons,  and the gag reels that I have ever seen. Not spoilery for those of you still in the first and second seasons of SPN.  Not a fan of SPN? You may still see the comedic value of it, especially if you are the vidding sort. Should I feel shame in admitting I downloaded the song to add to my exercise tunes? Probably.

Also, I can't explain the font of weirdness so please ignore if it shows up that way to you.

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There's a demon in you and you're going to your safety school )

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>Gasp! Way to make me yell at the TV, show?!?

Flaily flail!!! ) 

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