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I have been meaning to rec these vids since I saw them at Nashcon. These days I am typically a day late and a dollar short.

But, It's never too late to see a great vid.

I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this vid and promptly downloaded this song right there from my seat (after I asked the girls seated behind me who the music artist was) I love how vids help me discover new music!

And this vid unexpectedly brought me to tears!

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If this vid doesn't make you smile there's clearly something wrong with you. Thanks [ profile] dragonfly_sg1 for the heads up!

Adorkable guys FTW!!!!

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You know how I love me a good vid. And this vid by [ profile] ash48 definitely falls into the category of feel good vid, which is sorely needed at this point in the season.

So of course I have to share such a grin inducing find. (Plus it reminded me of the total squee of last Sunday!!!!)  I won't spoil it but there is a clip toward the end that literally made me Laugh Out Loud With Glee!!!  And if you aren't a fan of SPN, sad though you are, you will find pleasure in the wonderful editing and massive eye candy.


Dec. 21st, 2013 01:48 pm
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Haha. A vid rec that is not related to SPN but this was sent to me on FB and I just had to share!!!!

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Yeah, I said I was gonna do better about updating. I need to do more quickie posts and updates rather than feeling the need to have substantial, wordy posts (and then end up "saving" it up too much and then feeling like there's no time to get into it all)

But it has been a hugely transitional time for me and there's lots of boring stuff to say about it. LOL.

Okay, moving on. THIS VID!!! It is a wonderful Sam character study and I LOVE how the vidder manages to convey Sam's entire arc in 4 minutes. I thought the interspersing of dialogue was very cleverly used and be on the lookout for this really cool transition between Wee! Sam and adult Sam. I am always amazed at this sort of thing because wading through 8 plus seasons of footage and then finding just the right two clips is a rather daunting, time-consuming task. Oh, and I've never heard the song before but I like it.

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I haven't had time to post or update and you better believe that one of those bullet-y, random, day to day stream of consciousness sort of posts is pending.

I thought I'd get to it today but this is the first day I've had to play catch up at home for the past couple of weeks.

But I sat down for a few moments and happened across this vid and Oh, WOW! The song is fantastic and It really highlights my feelings about the finale (which I still ponder at the strangest moments. Yesterday, I'm on a raft at the pool and, suddenly, I'm thinking about all the levels of meaning to Sam saying, "How do I stop?" and Dean's response) and it is just an awesome visual representation of how Sam's arc CUTS ME TO MY CORE!!!

 I just cannot get over how this show has latched onto my brain, how it makes me obsess think about the characters a whole heck of a lot, and how it makes me feel ALL the feelings. I know, I know. I have fangirl tendencies. I've ALWAYS had fangirl tendencies.  Fangirls SQUEE! But, this show.  It just takes everything that I have felt in the past for beloved shows and multiplies it times one thousand!

Well, crap. Now I wanna surf vids. I knew I should have never sat down at this computer!!!!
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Why, yes, I am making up for my lack of posts, lately.

Between the ongoing rewatch/discussion with [ profile] de23 on instant messenger, season 5 texts from [ profile] dombede, discussion about season 1-2 at [ profile] _leigh_leigh's journal, and replying to various and sundry folks about season 8 episodes, I really feel that I am getting my "Let's talk SPN" fix.

It's a fun time to be me, fangirl discussion wise! However, because I seem to be in so many different seasons, my thoughts are all over the place, lately.

As Time Goes By )

I'm also sharing recs, courtesy of [ profile] ash48 because they totally made my morning coffee way more enjoyable and sharing is good.

First, a fantastic Picspam (and only spoilery if you find pictures of Sam and Dean spoilery)

D is for Dean
S is for Sam

And, of course, a vid, Winchester Thrift Shop by [ profile] deirdre_c (only spoilery if seeing the Winchesters in various outfits and/or "disguises" is spoilery for you.) HYSTERICAL. I've already watched it 3 times. The lyrics,especially "I'm gonna wear this big ass coat" and the accompanying clips had me ROFL!!! (warning if young folks nearby, there's a few f-bombs)

Now, a few incidental, unrelated comments.

My Zumba class has brought out a hula hoop (weighted) and though I have NEVER been able to do this and was doubtful that I ever could, I find that I have been getting better! Of course, I think the weighted one is bigger and easier but I couldn't do that one at first, either. It's really too bad that I can only go once a week as the other class coincides with my late clinic day.

[ profile] de23, I made the maple walnut muffins, though I had to substitute a gluten free baking mix for the almond meal and the Pig only had sweetened coconut (but still not too many sugars). I also only have a regular muffin pan. If anyone is interested, calories per regular muffin-143; fat-6.28; carb-19; fiber-1.8, protein-3.38. Of course, I don't know how it all breaks down if you use the almond meal/flour. They tasted the same..LOL. I cannot discount calories no matter what plan I am on so I definitely only left a few out and froze small serving portions.

I have been keeping up with Downton Abbey and I am still pretty interested with the exception quickie spoiler thought )

Vid recs

Dec. 31st, 2012 07:13 pm
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I'm a bit overdue for one of my Big Fat Geek TV posts but I'm still processing the end of Merlin (I was both elated and disheartened by that finale and I still can't decide whether I feel like chucking the DVDs and deleting all my userpics or not), I have loads of other episodes on my DVR that still need to be watched, and if I start talking SPN, I won't be able to shut up about it.

Then, I considered doing a year in review sort of thing, since I've never done one before,  but I got waylaid by laundry (my son brought out towels he says has been in his closet for years (Years!!),  a flurry of wine induced texting, and trolling vids because I want to make vids but watching is so much easier. It all sounds like a pretty pathetic way to bring in the New Year except that I have been enjoying these goof off days SO MUCH that I don't even care how pathetic I seem.

Now, I wanna share my vid recs with the 2-4 people on my f-list who might care. I like reccing them. Vidders don't often get feedback or recs like fanfiction writers do.  I also like these posts because, in this age of streaming, it helps me keep up with vids I really liked so I can go back and watch again. (Assuming I can get LJ features, such as tagging, working today.

I suppose I should come up with a format if I am going to start reccing.

ETA: Gee, I am still doing towels. Brandon really did have years' worth crammed into his closet!

On to the vids!!!!! )
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Well, I've still not decorated anything and I've bought one present but I've done some actual baking! You heard it here first, folks. And, [ profile] dombede , get this! The recipe had only three count 'em, three ingredients!!!!

On that note, I've always loved Carol of the Bells and I particularly like the Trans-Siberian Orchestra version of it. So, now wanna rec a wonderful SPN vid to it made by the lovely and talented [ profile] dragonfly_sg1.

What is fantastic and unique about this vid and this rec is the fact that I watched it and thought it was fantastic long before I had ever watched my first episode of Supernatural and, therefore, didn't get any of the references. What I said then was,

"It's funny how the music strikes the appropriate, eerie, melancholy tone needed when it's, essentially, a Christmas tune. LOL!"

"It's quite a bloody show, isn't it?"

Once I devoured the show and got all of the references, the vid was EVEN BETTER. For my friends in season 2-4 (yes, [ profile] de23 has already made it to season 4.   Mwahahahahahah) it is spoilery, yes, but it is fast paced and, De, you are now past the plot points and character introductions I've been really protecting you from. There's no way I was going to spoil that! And, As I said, I watched it before ever watching the show and, still, I was totally unspoiled by it.

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I am currently in the throes of an allergy attack the likes of which I haven't seen in years. It came on suddenly, yesterday, immediately after I participated in my first ever 5K (Relay for life walk/run). It must have been all the dead leaves and whatnot because I have been sneezing and stuffy ever since. I signed up for the event even though I am only 3-4 weeks into my couch to 5k app with my zombie trainer. Of course, I didn't start from the couch and I'm still not buying that I will reach the point that I can jog for 5 minutes straight much less 35 minutes straight but, whatever. I went ahead and did one of the app workouts for the event, mostly to distract me from feeling self-conscious around the loads of people who participated,  and my pace was 14.3min/mile for the first 2.2 miles, anyway. But, it's a hilly route and I think the hills (or my nose) got me toward the end, bringing my average pace closer to 15. I was hoping for closer to 40min to complete the thing. Maybe next time?

It may not look like it on here, but  Supernatural is still inspiring All. The. Feelings. I've just been chatting about it elsewhere on folks' journals who are way more fandomly active than mine. Needless to say, I am really loving this season! It was great seeing Amanda Tapping as a guest star, too. (And, a recurring one to boot!) Then someone asked me who she was and what she had been in in the past which then had me tripping down memory lane as I got all nostalgic about Stargate. Suddenly, I want to go back and rewatch episodes and old vids and whatnot. Then, my nostalgia (and worry that my computer is going to crash any day, now, and that my backups are likely dodgy) had me uploading most of my old videos to youtube, well, at least the ones that are halfway presentable in this age of HD and Sony Vegas.

Then I had to figure out how to create a masterpost  which should have seemed straightforward but I still "lost" the first one I did because I thought all you had to do was change the date. Duh.

A vid and why Stargate is still a show worth checking out! )

Work is still kicking my behind. I am so ready for a few days off!
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A Masterpost seems pretty superfluous at this point, but, LJ has been my go to place to yammer on about The Shows, TV boyfriends, and the mundane day to day drivel. (Oh my gosh, I've been on here since 11/16/2004!) I have taken the time to upload my old Stargate videos to youtube and I needed a place to link them. Though I wrangled quite a bit out of movie maker, these were made way before the days of HD and Sony Vegas. But,  they were fun and I was feeling nostalgic. 

Stargate vids )

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Okay, Supernatural is making me feel ALL the feelings and I'm late on my Big Fat Geek TV post of the week(s). (Mainly because I'm behind on The Shows as work has been totally kicking my butt)

But, I'm not behind on SPN, that's for sure! And when I'm not working and whatnot, I'm thinking about Sam and Dean. (IKR?!?)

Of course, when I'm feeling all the feelings, I sometimes get the urge to surf fanvids. (Since I'm not making them myself, anymore) It's full on angst, people! Gosh, I love it. 

And I happened upon this AMAZING vid to this amazing song! It's spoilery for season 1-4 (so, [ profile] de23, I'd avoid if I were you. But you can listen cause it's a really great song..LOL. I'm tagging all my vid posts, though. If you have already begun to ponder Sam and Dean while you are doing laundry or driving, I suspect you'll be trolling for fanvids before you know it. [ profile] dombede I don't know where you are  in the watch but I don't think you'd be much interested in fangirly angst, anyway)

And if you pretty much know you are never going to watch this show (which I think is just plain crazycakes of you, but, whatever ;) or if you don't care about being spoiled, play it for the great song! I'm sure it is cross fandom applicable.

Running up that hill. )

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Okay, so I never did get around to posting the 2nd part of my thoughts about the SPN season premiere. This is likely due to me having the same amount of time in my schedule that I usually have and the fact that I am following more TV shows at one time than is usual for me.

And the fact that, usually, I tend to post the flaily reaction bits on here and reply to others' way more coherent posts. 

SPN, 801 and 802 )

Merlin, 501 and 502 )

Revolution )

Arrow )

And, in a not on TV note, I finally saw Avengers! Awesome!! Tony Stark, there is never any story that I will not love you based on your dialogue alone. Your superhero suit of awesomeness is just icing on the cake. And, I'm sorry, Thor. Sam Winchester would like his hammer back, please. No offense to the actor that plays Thor but now that I have seen Sam Winchester wield Mjolnir, I think the role should be recast with Jared Padalecki. Just sayin'

Whew, after all that I think I need to add something fun to top it off. And, whaddaya know, I first heard this song at D*C at the end of karaoke so, geek applicable.  [ profile] de23 you may remember it. I have to say that this is the most fun use of clips from funny scenes, cons,  and the gag reels that I have ever seen. Not spoilery for those of you still in the first and second seasons of SPN.  Not a fan of SPN? You may still see the comedic value of it, especially if you are the vidding sort. Should I feel shame in admitting I downloaded the song to add to my exercise tunes? Probably.

Also, I can't explain the font of weirdness so please ignore if it shows up that way to you.

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I'm patting myself on the back, here, to say that I am still managing to avoid the spoilery (for two shows, now).

Go me.

This week, I took a brief break, teevee wise, from my unending love for SPN and fulfilled a promise to my friend, [ profile] scarym1, to give White Collar a go (cause I'm just cool like that and, plus, it went Netflix streaming)

I must say that I'm enjoying it very well thus far. 

Is it very pathetic that this is pretty much the only thing new with me? How boring can one person actually be?!? Even I am pretty much over me.

Ah well, how about I share a bit of lovely and a song or two. How about that? (FYI this is an official vid...not a fanvid.) Now, I'm sure you all know why I watched this vid in the first place. I've never even heard of this band before now but I think the song is pretty cool. It certainly won't be the first time I've discovered new music because I'm a fangirl and it won't be the last.

And yet another song I am loving from the new Linkin Park "album"....

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I am loving this song. Linkin Park, you keep doing it for me!! I keep waiting to be over you but it hasn't happened so far....

I'd love to see a SPN vid to this. I even left a prompt in some community. Somewhere. What about you, [ profile] dragonfly_sg1. Your vidding muse up for it?

(If only I had all the eps ripped/downloaded, time, a computer with enough RAM to handle it, updated versions of my vid editing program or, even better, Sony Vegas. Sigh)

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I just had to share a few vids that I happened upon yesterday during my great Saturday goof off. I saw quite a few fantastic vids but I am sharing these because of the amazing creativity.

The first is a multifandom vid and I did have to LOL at the number of my own favorites encompassed within. I'm such a genre girl.

I'm sharing these next two because they are just awesome. Check them out, even if you don't watch SPN. If you are a vidder or have any interest in fanvids whatsoever, you will recognize the incredible work that went into these. The idea is to show how the show demonstrates different movie types/genres and the vidders do a fantastic job here. The creation of the movie poster graphics alone is incredible!

Supernatural: At the Movies

Supernatural: At the Movies, the Sequel.

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Thanks for the heads up from [ profile] archaeologist_d I must watch period dramas more than I think I do because I recognized waaaaay more than I would have expected! And the last clip certainly made me chuckle. LOL!

ETA: Seriously. I haven't updated since 12/30/11? Wow!

Also, I wonder if there are any on my list that would recognize every single clip. I bet there are! (And without looking at the list of clips used posted with the vid).


Oct. 15th, 2011 10:57 am
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Yes, it is Merlin Day (hip, hip, Hooray!) But I have weddings and whatnot and who knows when I will be able to watch.

But I have another reason to be excited! After searching all of my backups and computers for all the vids I have ever made, I couldn't seem to find one of my own personal favorites, and the only completely episodic vid I ever made. (Not to mention the only one I ever made with it was one of the last vids I ever found time for). It was a Daniel "Absolute Power" vid done to Limp Bizkit's Behind Blue Eyes. What made it fun was that my friend [ profile] scarym1 and I were doing an episodic vid challenge for that episode and chose the same song without even knowing it till we were both done, though hers was The Who's version. (Great minds!) How fun was that!?!
 [ profile] scarym1 , do you still have your? I would like to see it again!!

Anyway, [ profile] ruralstar talking about her new site gave me an idea and I am seven kinds of stupid as I didn't realize my old site was actually still up and running. Since I wasn't paying anymore, I just assumed what I had uploaded to it was long gone. 

IT WASN"T!!!!!!!!!!!

So, now, I have a modest 10MB copy of this vid but that is way better than no copy at all!!! (Because back in the day you only had so much that even the case, anymore, or has the advent of hi-def and better vid editing programs made this a non-issue?) All I know is that the Merlin episodes I acquire through alternate means are of way better quality than the Stargate episodes I once acquired through alternate means for the sake of vid making.

And the site even still has the sig [ profile] merlindra made for me.

Ah, Memories!
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So I was playing some songs on shuffle the other day and I happened upon this song.

I remember really liking the song but I had forgotten about it. I'm pretty sure the first time I heard it was in a Stargate vid and, now, I really want to find that vid again. Any Stargate fans out there remember this? It was either a Daniel vid,  a Jack and Daniel vid, or a team vid. (Yeah, I know that really narrows it down, right? LOL!)

[ profile] scarym1 and [ profile] ruralstar, I think I am kind of counting on you but, hey, if there is anyone out there who knows which vid I am talking about, please chime in.

I would like to see it again. (So much so that it's sort of bugging me.) 
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 Okay, maybe there is another reason why I am not making vids. It could very well be that I am completely intimidated by the AWESOME.

Thanks to [ profile] marguerite_26  for the heads up on this take on opening credits, Tudors style. FANTASTIC!!!! Another vid that I can watch again and again!

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